Core Wounds: What they are and why it matters

Core Wound... it definitely isn't party talk.

It may even be one of those things that you want to shhhh... keep your voice down! I don't want anyone to know about that!

I bet you don’t sit around sipping wine and talking about your core wounds with your friends on a Saturday night…

In fact, that shushing is the reason that core wounds live so long and cause so much destruction. If you shush something long enough, it starts to get really loud and in your face, like a belligerent know-it-at-all at the local bar.

It’s not one of those fancy buzz phrases that gets all the attention. In fact, it’s something that most people tend to suppress until they can’t stand it a minute longer. But, why?

A core wound is a wounded part of you and your energy that causes you to create and attract painful experiences that feed the wound.

A core wound is caused by one or more painful experiences that define who you believe yourself to be and this in turn, drives your actions.

That energy lingers, grows and creates an entire belief system, story and IDENTITY to justify the validity of the wound causing all sorts of problems in your life. Most of the time, you aren’t even aware of the problem until you’re so stuck in the muck, you start searching for a solution.

Healing a core wound can dredge up a whole lot of painful memories that you may not want to deal with.

We know this and yet, we will avoid it like the plague.

A core wound may begin in a past lifetime or if may be a past event in this lifetime. Either way, the past is the past and when a core wound is present, it means that the core center of your being is operating from a place of wounding, rather than love.

Before your Soul incarnated, it was asked to choose your parents and your major life experiences. These choices were based on karma from your previous lifetimes and the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. The reason you learn lessons is to move you closer to Enlightenment each lifetime.

Let’s say you have an abandonment wound that your Soul wants to work through in this lifetime.

It’s highly likely that you incarnated into a family that was emotionally unavailable and neglectful. Maybe your parents worked all the time, or you were left to take care of yourself. Or maybe your parents didn’t know how to talk to or connect with you. Perhaps you didn’t even trust them to care for you, or with your feelings. You had a difficult time connecting with them and sought attention. Your wounding wound determined that in order to be loved, you need to try harder, be better, love more, give all of yourself. Something is wrong, so you need to “fix” it. But, you may notice that no matter what you do, it doesn’t fix the situation and you still feel abandoned, striving for attention and validation.

If you’re on the other side of this abandonment wound, you’ll find that you have a difficult time walking away from people, patterns, situations and beliefs that you KNOW are bad for you. You stay too long, love when you’re getting nothing in return and struggle with boundaries. It’s because you are very aware of feeling abandoned and don’t want someone else to feel that way. All this does is inhibit your growth.

There’s an energetic string that keeps you tied to the past and to your core wound. Fortunately, that string can be cut and healed. The core wound is attached to a story and to your identity. Sometimes fears can come up when it’s time to heal and grow. You may even wonder who you’ll be without living this way, especially if it’s all you know.

But I promise you, healing a core wound only needs to be done ONCE and it is life transforming.

Here are the top 6 core wounds:

Abandonment Wound                                  

You’ll have a fear of losing someone or something, including yourself. You tend to attach to people in unhealthy ways and may have co-dependent tendencies. You have a fear of opening up your heart fully to someone as this has often led to rejection or pain, which is something you fear experiencing again. 

Rejection Wound                                                                   

You will feel trapped, wanting to escape when things get challenging. You sometimes feel shameful about your past choices, or guilty about honoring yourself or your truth. You’ll find it difficult to trust yourself and others, which stems from a fear of failure.                                             

Intimacy Wound                                                                   

You will feel shameful or guilty about past sexual choices and experiences. You may have been through at least one sexual trauma, such as assault. You’ve experienced abuse of some kind and grew up in an emotionally unsafe environment which caused you to repress how you feel.

Vulnerability Wound           

You’ve been mocked for your past choices, which may have caused you to experience an unsafe environment or experience. Someone you love has caused you to doubt yourself repeatedly and you often worry you’ll make the wrong choice, so you don’t make a choice at all or change your mind a lot. This also stops you from taking action and moving forward. 

Responsibility Wound                           

You often worry about being judged and the idea of letting other people down is crushing to you. You tend to worry excessively and feel so overwhelmed, you procrastinate. You avoid being seen because you’re afraid of success, but you probably tell yourself that you need to ‘create a plan’. The plan keeps you safe and stuck.

Burden Wound                                                                       

You often feel a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach and get overwhelmed by day to day tasks. You worry about disappointing others and you desire to change but still remain stuck. You have a reason for everything that you can’t accomplish and create stories that only serve to justify your inaction.

Core wounds are a part of your life and belief system that need to be healed through love, reassurance and confidence. The real you is inside, it’s just been buried through years of of people telling you who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s a story and one that can be re-written to serve YOU and what you want to achieve in your life.

What would life be like if you could heal that ONE stubborn energy that is holding you back from your best life?

I love working with people just like you on healing these core wounds!

I walk with you every step of the way to identify which core wound you have and I help you work through it one session at a time. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to work through any emotional trigger, mental overwhelm or doubt that comes up in the future so you can move through them on your own.

I offer free consults and would love to chat with you about what’s holding you back… and i’ll offer completely free advice about how you can start to shift it to step into total confidence today. No obligation whatsoever. Here’s the link to the free consult.

Did you recognize yourself within any of these core wounds? Comment below and let me know!