How my responsibility issues nearly broke me

In the last month, I removed this massive energy block from my life that changed things for the better in every single way. You may be wondering how an energy block could actually change someone's life. I know I did when I first started doing this work. 

Your mind (ego) always wants to hold onto something, but your Soul wants to embrace Love, however that may look. Just think of a relationship in your past, where you may have stayed or held on for way too long. It's works like that with an energy block. You don't always realize it until it has been several years, or it hasn't been "bad enough" for you to walk away. Maybe you didn't even realize you were blocked to begin with, until that fateful day when everything changed.

It's an ah-ha moment that makes you realize things need to change and they need to change now because you can’t continue on the same path. It’s the breaking point when you realize that you’re unhappy.

That's the best day in the Universe by the way... because it's the day that you choose to change your life and you tell the Universe that you will NOT settle for wishy washy, 'that'll do' energy for another minute. You know what you want and work towards getting it.

My block was...

*The burden of responsibility*


I wanted to cover my eyes and bury my head in the ground when I heard my akashic records share it with me. It resonated, but I was in so much denial about it. Although, I felt shameful and embarrassed, I felt equally relieved because it explained so many of the issues I had in my life.

The truth is, I could think of so many areas in my life where I have avoided taking responsibility. I have had *more than a few* pounds to lose for a few years now, and I haven't put myself out there to expand my work, my finances were mostly stable but not increasing and I am just as happy staying home and cuddling my dog, Jax rather than putting myself out there to find my soul mate.

Responsibility to me always meant "burden". I can remember moments where my go-the-extra-mile work ethic was used and abused repeatedly causing me to burn myself out, lose friendships and hate my life. At the time, I felt like I couldn't leave because I needed the job and the money. The list goes on and on...

And the biggest one of all: I had every excuse in the book about why I was so tired and couldn't take on more responsibility. "Exhausted" became my way out, because it guaranteed that I would never need to expand, put myself out there or take on more responsibility.

My akashic records didn't share this with me without a rock solid plan in place to help me let go of this once and for all and let me tell you, it was a doozy.

As the Akashic Records and I dove deep to uncover where this fantastical aversion to responsibility began, we discovered something pretty interesting in the shadows of my subconscious. 

There were a few key lifetimes, but ONE in particular where I was responsible for protecting many people and when the time came for me to fix the issue that had gone wrong, I failed...

That was my Atlantis lifetime.

Atlantis is one of the biggest soul tribes because of how many souls have been involved with it at some point in their journey. There are a lot of us out there! Being that Atlantis is one of the more traumatic lifetimes, there are many Souls incarnated right now that need healing to move past it. Don't worry, that's what i'm going to help you with.

When Atlantis was destroyed, sadly, there was not much I could do to help within the timeframe that I realized what had happened. Atlantis' attack was calculated, planned and some of it happened from within and right under my nose.

Because my block was rooted in a past lifetime, it was fairly easy for me to remove it, re-set my energy and let it go. 

Journeying to a Soul Tribe like Atlantis is always beneficial, if you know what to look for and how to move through the process to heal the block.

The first thing we want to do is:

Re-Experience the lifetime. We review it so you can understand what happened and make peace with it. It satisfies that curiosity that wants to know what happened.

The second thing we do is:

Re-Write it. We re-write the story that you created about your Soul Tribe lifetime, the way that you’d like to see it change if you were there TODAY. This is powerful and it helps you reclaim your power.

The third thing we do is:

Release it. By re-setting the energy on this lifetime, you free yourself from the karma associated with it. A lot of Souls made promises and vows based on what they experienced, and those promises are no longer valid and just holding you back. Other Souls make decisions out of the fear of what has happened in the past, and you can also be free of this.

And finally, we:

Get you in touch with your Soul. Once your block is gone, you’ll need to know how to communicate with your Soul so that the actions you take are on the right track. This is much easier than it sounds once you have nothing in the way of your connection.

Once I removed that pesky Burden of Responsibility energy, I was starting to lose track of everything that was changing. Within 3 weeks of clearing the block, here’s what changed.

I took responsibility for my health, which I've been struggling with all year. I worked on my chronic ear ache, sore throat and sabotaging food choices. I opted to eat vegan again while I identify the best foods for my body. I used to resist eating vegan before because I would feel deprived and now, I feel completely satiated and i’ve lost 5 lbs so far. I have also repaired my hair-health which needed a complete re-set that took nearly 3 weeks, but now my hair (and scalp) is healthier than it was in my 20s.

I finally unpacked that ONE box sitting in my bedroom since we moved a year ago. I re-organized the entire house, de-cluttered the closet, donated 4 bags and gave away or sold items I was no longer using. This was liberating!


My dog, Jax, always had terrible anxiety and digestive issues and I've done everything in my power to help him, by way of hiring other experts to help him like a holistic vet and a dog healer. He got better with each but was never 100%. As I worked on my own diet changes, I realized that the little ‘treats’ I gave him all the time because I love him were probably not helping him. I cut those out and he was better within 3 days. I’ve been working on him energetically with his anxiety by de-sensitizing him to noise and slowly but surely, he also getting better with noise. I can run my vacuum and vitamix without him reacting at all. He heard thunder the other day, a noise that would usually terrify him and had no reaction to it! 

I locked in on the BIG picture plan for my business (which is radically different than how I run my business right now) and canceled any service providers or subscriptions that I wasn’t using. This saved me upward of $1500 per month in business expenses and I have less to manage and stress about.

The thing I hated the most, I chose to do FIRST: TAXES. I organized my tax paperwork, found a rockstar accountant nearby and told her ALL THE THINGS about my business and personal expenses. While I was sitting there, she found issues with my former tax filings, believes she’s going to save me quite a bit of money and we’ll be getting things organized from here on out. This was such a relief!

I started writing guest articles for other spiritual publications (links coming soon!)

Started dating again! Yes, really! And i'm meeting some really great people and it turns out that i’m not as socially awkward as I believed I was! HAHA. Oh, the things our minds tell us…

Last but definitely not least... I created my Soul Tribe Re-set Program which takes everything i've described above and learned on this journey and walks YOU through in 30 days.

This is your PERSONAL invitation to join us so you may experience all that I've listed above and MORE in your life. I promise you, this is just the beginning and i’ll be holding your hand every step of the way.

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It may be easy to say you’ll join next time or this isn’t a financial priority but I think a better question is, how long can you continue with the same struggles without making a change that will last? How much is that choice costing you? I guarantee, it’s more than the cost of Soul Tribes.

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