What are Soul Tribes?

Creator, also known as Universe, God, Source and various other names across many dogmas throughout the world, is a force of creative energy that is always in a state of expansion.

There was a point in time when Creator wanted consciousness to experience itself. In other words, Creator wanted to experience its own consciousness.

Creator split its energy and created Soul, many times over until there were many. Souls origin is and remains a part of Creators energy, but is now aware of its consciousness. Its challenge is to feel part of ONE (Creator), also known as the I AM energy, while experiencing its own journey of consciousness.

If you’ve ever felt alone on your journey, or that no one understands you, it is an indication of feeling this division from Creator. The goal is to reunite the aspects of yourself that feel lost, alone, isolated from the part of you that loves and accepts you entirely as you are.

Typically, it is the pieces of yourself that you have denied, judged and refused to accept in order to fit in with your ‘tribe’, which are often members of your own family.

Soul Tribes are groups of Souls assigned to a particular oversoul, which is a group of Souls all working toward a similar mission.

All missions assist the collective consciousness in some way and no two Souls within the oversoul are alike. They all share a common mission and for that reason, experience one another as members of the same Soul family.

Soul family members share an immediate kinship the moment they meet, as if they’ve known each other for ages, because they have. It feels like meeting a long lost family member. Even though you haven’t seen one another in a long time, you feel a connection that transcends logic and something pulls you towards one another. You understand that you were brought together for some reason. This is where the term Soul Mate comes from. A soul mate connection is not limited to romantic partners. Soul mates can be family members, friends, work colleagues and even animals.

On the path to enlightenment, Souls experiences will lead through a series of self-tests to transcend the division of Self and embody One.

The Creation process is beautifully designed to lead Soul through self-awareness to oneness.


As we discussed above, Soul Tribes are groups of Souls that have come together for a particular mission. They generally all reside in the same location in the Universe, but often incarnate and move around throughout in order to accomplish the group objectives. An individual Souls journey is accomplished while working towards the greater objective.

While there are more soul tribes than what i’ve indicated below, these are the first few that have come to me with information to share.

Soul Tribes

Atlantis - Atlanteans
Atlanteans were comprised of Lemurians and beings from throughout the Galaxy. Each Soul was chosen for the unique contribution that it could bring to Atlantis. Many Souls volunteered, not all were accepted. The original Atlanteans were all “off world” citizens that arrived in order to establish and build this civilization.

Lemuria - Lemurians
Lemurians are the most evolved Spiritual beings, capable of shifting form and teleporting to another place and time instantly through thought, combined with desire. They existed in an isolated location on Earth when they were approached to assist with the establishment of Atlantis, to which they obliged.

Pleiades - Pleiadians
Pleiadians co-existed peacefully until an off-world source threatened to destroy their planet, ultimately succeeding. They do not voluntarily choose to engage in any type of warfare, but felt it was necessary to protect their tribes. They found solace in protecting their ancient relics, history and most important tribe members to re-establish life on another world.

Element - Elementals
Elementals are the Spirits of nature that weave throughout the air we breathe, the sky we watch, the fire that warms us and the water that heals us. They exist throughout nature in all plant and animal life and they serve to maintain the Earth and assist her in rebalancing.

Gaia - Mayans
Mayans maintain balance between human beings and the Earth, passing messages and rituals to assist with connection, compassion, peace, faith and hope. They serve as higher awareness guides that hold space for peace on the planet by speaking of Love, Truth and the power of Faith.

If you feel that you embody some aspect of each Soul Tribe, it’s quite possible that you’ve been part of each at some point in your journey. We are not restricted to staying with one soul tribe, although there is typically one that you will resonate with the most.

The way to the truth is by following your heart, aligning with your Soul and committing to a path that reaches far beyond what you may realize.

The Soul Tribe Re-Set Program has been birthed into the world, after a sacred 30-day gestation period and it’s ready for your viewing and consideration.

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All my love,


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