Atlantean VICTIM Archetype

Last week, we discussed the Atlantean SURVIVOR Archetype and how this would impact you if you survived the fall of Atlantis. If you missed that blog, you can check it out right here.

The second, equally as important archetype is the Victim.  

Atlanteans that died during the fall of Atlantis now struggle with one core issue.



Atlantis’ destruction happened so quickly that there was no way for family members to reunite before everything was destroyed. It left those that perished feeling abandoned by those that were there to keep them safe, like their parents, for instance. They often died with an overwhelming sense of fear, sadness and loneliness. These emotions have translated in this lifetime to anger, distance and isolation which are all based on the fear of losing everything and everyone that you love.

In fact, many Atlantis victims have incarnated into difficult family dynamics in this lifetime. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably find that you have never felt supported by your family, or felt they were emotionally unavailable during your formative years. You may not feel safe to emotionally or otherwise express yourself in your family and this has led you to feel unsafe in other areas of your life. This is because your safety depends on other people, not on yourself.

Being let down by those you love has probably set you up to feel even more dependent on support from others. But, because this is a karmic pattern, you’ll find that you are often let down by those you care about. You’re experiencing an opposite effect because the core root issue to heal is the feeling that you can’t depend on others. This means, you must learn to depend on yourself and ask for support from others when you need it. This pattern is about learning to discern when you need to be there for yourself, when it’s appropriate to seek support and which type of relationships will support the person you’re becoming. You may even struggle with boundaries, needing to learn when to let people go and when to expand and welcome certain people into your space.

You may have a pattern of holding on to relationships for far too long. This is the abandonment rearing its energy in your life. Abandonment is call to be there for yourself in every possible way.  You need to learn to become your own best friend, cheerleader and partner in order to resolve this core wound. You’ll find that you never feel closure from the end of a relationship, no one can apologize enough or make it right in order for you to feel satisfied. That’s because you can only give closure, forgiveness and grace to yourself and this pattern.

Take, for example, a bird. If a bird is perched at the top of a stop sign and the stop sign falls, the bird does not fall to the ground. It may lose its footing momentarily, but its instincts kick in and it depends on its wings to get it air born again. It’s not dependent on the stop sign for its safety and security. Its safety is dependent on the confidence it has in its own wings and its ability to fly.

This is a big lesson for Victims to learn. You are the only one keeping you safe, secure and stable. And this is the lifetime where you are to reclaim this power that you lost in Atlantis.

You may feel limited in your ability to express yourself and to really show people who you are and what you’re capable of. Please know that this pattern started long before this lifetime and likely during your Atlantis lifetime. You merely incarnated into a similar situation in this lifetime in order to be aware of this and heal it once and for all.

If you have fears of being abandoned by those you love, it won’t be easy for you to trust others and you may even prefer being alone, finding it much easier than connecting with someone new or “opening yourself up”. Opening up may feel so vulnerable to you, it borders on threatening your safety. You’ll have a fear of being alone, but your pattern of abandonment will be stronger. So, even though you’re afraid of being alone, it will feel more comfortable to you than opening yourself up to possible loss or rejection.

You may self-identify with being an introvert, but you also value your independence more than anything in the world. Watch out for being so independent that you actually isolate yourself from others. Relationships or closeness of any kind will feel suffocating. You’ll feel backed into a corner often and react negatively if someone asks you to open up, even though you WANT to be close to someone and to have a meaningful relationship.

You’ll struggle with commitment because it feels limiting and represents a loss of freedom. This is more likely because you’ve never experienced being in a relationship AND feeling free simultaneously. This does exist and it’s possible to be in a commitment that feels good to you on every level, if you allow yourself to have this experience.

Freedom is possible. This is just a pattern and something that you brought in with you from a former lifetime. It’s not necessary to continue experiencing karmic patterns. Once you choose differently and begin to shift the course of your life in a different direction, you’ll be able to free yourself.

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