If you're on this page, I know you're ready for a deeply transformative experience. It tells me that you are committed, eager and realize that the only thing stopping you is... yourself. Now that you're ready for a change, I can help you.

The only way to experience my work with the Akashic Records is through my programs or attending one of my retreats. I look forward to connecting with you online or in person soon! 


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The Akashic Records Intensive is the most comprehensive course on the Akashic Records. It teaches you not only how to access the Records for yourself and others, but you'll learn how to get more clients, make more money and heal more effectively than ever before. I am hosting a FREE Masterclass on this topic this week, please feel free to join us right here.


Retreat in Greece

Join 9 other women as you learn to harness the power of your feminine energy by tapping into the hidden wisdom of the Gods and Goddesses in magical Greece. You'll experience ancestral and cultural healing in some of the most magnetic destinations on Earth. This is not to be missed! September 17 - 24, 2018  *8 spots remain


Online Courses

I offer both live and self-guided courses to help you tap into your intuition, learn the Akashic Records, release long held money blocks, embrace your shadow side and more. Learn more here.

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"I have done multiple programs, sessions, and even the retreat with Felicia. She is the real deal in the Akashic Records and an authentic channel for information to come through. I felt light and bright after my time her, always like a weight had come off my shoulders.

Through her Empower Program, I stepped more and more into my Divine Feminine Energy in a very tangible way. Through her Universe Games, I created daily habits of surrender. Through our 1-1 sessions, I gained so much clarity on my professional life, personal life, and releasing past traumas. At her most recent retreat in Denver, she pulled pain right out of me.

Felicia has both a loving and direct way of cutting through the B.S. and getting to the heart of the issue! When I think of Felicia and her work, I think of words like insight, ease, clarity, lightness of being, a certain depth of work, and guaranteed truth.

If you have a chance to get in Felicia’s schedule or feel called to one of her programs, that IS your sign- don’t think, just do it. Your future self will thank you.

Also, if you haven’t already, go listen to Felicia’s story of her awakening- how she first saw AA Michael, how the Records trained her, etc. It’s beautiful.

Thank you, Felicia for being so real in exactly where you are. Thank you for being an Earth Angel and Soul Sister to me."

Amanda Heisman
Intuitive Nutrition and Energy Coach, CHHC.

If you're new to the Akashic Records, check out this short video to learn all about them