I’m excited that you’d like to work together.

My area of expertise is clearing energy in your Akashic Records.

When I “clear” energy in your Akashic Records, I’m working with your belief system and karmic energy. You and I determine whether your beliefs are enabling you to thrive or holding you back. If your beliefs are holding you back in some way, I locate the root cause of the belief and I clear it.

The root cause is where the energy or belief first began. Whether it was this lifetime or a thousand years ago, I make the belief neutral, null and void. I’ll replace the energy of the old belief with a brand new belief.

My process is so effective, you won’t even remember your original belief once we’re done!

When you start believing in opportunity, abundance, possibilities, positivity (and all the good things), they begin to appear in your life.

This is not magic. It’s healing. It’s knowing that your beliefs are the root cause of all that you experience. Change your beliefs and you’ll change your life.

Ways to work with me

If you’d like to learn how to harness your intuition
and discover your Souls solution for every problem, every time, check out my new program. This is SOULution. We begin in January 2019!

If you prefer to work with me directly, I do see a handful of clients each week. I offer a 4-week and 8-week program that can be tailored to your needs and what you would like to achieve. Schedule a free breakthrough session here.

I do offer a limited amount of single sessions each week, if you’d like to experience a session before making a longer commitment. Although you will experience transformation in one session, as with most healing and coaching, the true transformation comes when we can go deeper and take our time to uncover your deepest blocks. Book a single session here.

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I was skeptical when I started working with Felicia.

"I heard her on a podcast and something in my gut said, "she's the person who will help you". After our first session, I knew that Felicia was going to be in my life for a very long time.

I've done a lot of 'energy work' before. And as an entrepreneur, and a mom, I do a lot of personal development work on my own.

The transformation that I feel since working with Felicia is indescribable. My shoulder pain, that I've had since 2003 completely gone (and it's been months) and more importantly she's helped me process through deep pain, fear and shame around my divorce and my traumatic marriage.

Her work is far-reaching that even my ex-husband has shifted the way he treats me which is unbelievable yet true.

Felicia, I am so incredibly grateful that you've chosen to share your gift with me. You have changed my life in more ways than I can even describe."

- Lori Kennedy