The root of your problem is in your soul book

As I paid the deposit for the Wholistic Kinesiology (muscle testing) certification program, I felt that I had found my calling - the end all, be all of what I would be doing with the rest of my life. Although muscle testing is an amazing tool to locate imbalances in the body and is an excellent stepping stone while learning to trust your own intuition, what I personally discovered in the 6 months during my certification program would prove to turn my entire belief system on its ear. I very quickly discovered that I would be integrating muscle testing with a more powerful technique.

I was in the process of balancing my own body during this course so each time I flew to New Mexico, I saw my own practitioner. Within one day of starting a new supplement program, the supplements no longer tested safe and beneficial for me. What the.........?! If I didn't pay attention to how my body was reacting to the supplements, it literally became impossible to swallow the pills. My throat would close up and would only re-open once I took the pills out of my mouth. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced! So, what was happening to my body?

I went back to the drawing board and tested if the imbalance was still there. It was. Then I tested what type of therapy was needed to balance the imbalance.

EMOTIONAL or SPIRITUAL came up for everything.

Could it be that spiritual work would balance a physical imbalance? It sure did and I haven't looked back since. Not only does my body almost never test for supplements (even 100% herbals), I absolutely never test for any type of prescription either. They always test un-safe.

While balancing myself and clients, here's what I've realized and how it will shift my entire business going forward.

Muscle testing is only as effective as the practitioner is clear

Yes, muscle testing is accurate and effective. However, I have found without fail that the more blocks, limiting beliefs and trauma that I clear from my space, the more accurate and powerful my muscle testing becomes.

Emotional and Spiritual imbalances are the root causes of imbalances in the body

In truth, each person is perfect and whole as they are now. The illusion is the belief that someone is not perfect and whole. In order to support the body in healing itself (what it's designed to do!), it’s necessary to clear limiting beliefs, fear based thoughts, emotional imbalance or egoic driven responses that promote the illusion rather than the truth. In truth, there is absolutely nothing to fix. The practitioners role is to shine a light on the illusion, thereby guiding the client to see the truth and re-framing the so-called imbalance by clearing any beliefs or traumas that promote the illusion.

Going forward, I will be working almost exclusively with the Akasha

Everyone and everything on this planet has a soul book. That soul book records every single thing that your soul has experienced. If you bought coffee for one minute of your day, it's in your soul book. The Akasha is a vast library where all soul books are stored. I am fortunate to be able to access the Akasha, pull the book and not only read it back to you but completely alter the perception of past events that yes, are manifesting in your life NOW. Let's say you came to me with asthma as a concern that's currently affecting you. I may log into your soul book to see that you died in a fire in one of your past lives. We clear the trauma from that death and re-frame the perception of the event by asking to see the truth. We ask the Akasha what we need to do to clear the situation and trauma, then we proceed with the recommendations. That's it. I'm absolutely NOT advertising a promise of "healing". What i'm saying is, try it and judge for yourself. 

I am happy that two major allergies were cleared; I am no longer allergic to cucumbers or to sunblock! Also, while I would not describe myself as religious, I definitely feel more spiritual and am more aware of my higher power and my guardian angels. And I am more grateful and happy in general with long-lasting feelings of optimism and gratitude.
— SF Bay Area Client

My sessions going forward will be focused on balancing the body with the Akasha. I can locate the exact imbalance in the body within your soul book. However, because I've been trained in so many different modalities, I never limit myself to one type of healing. I have many tools in my spiritual tool belt, one of which is muscle testing. I'm also aware that you may need another practitioner to assist with your particular imbalance and I am totally willing and open to refer you out to someone that can help! I have the BEST network of practitioners that I'm fortunate enough to call friends. My first priority is that you are 100% balanced and are living your authentically amazing life. So let's do whatever it takes to get you there!

A client submitted the following testimonial when I asked what it was like to work with me:

You feel like you were healed not just on a physical level, but on a spiritual level as well. You listen to people and you listen to what their bodies are telling you. You provide a permanent solution instead of just treating a symptom with pills. Your process involves healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Sessions will be 2 - 3 hours going forward and can be conducted in person, over the phone or online via webcam. Sessions are available here.

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Much love,