Earth changes for the week of September 8

Welcome to Love week! Fun Fun Fun.

This week, the Earth’s frequency is going UP! HALLELUJAH! When it goes up, there’s more love in the air and stars in your eyes. This doesn’t necessary refer to romance, but it's a part.

This week, keep a look out for triggers relating to guilt. If you react to something in an unloving way, simply release the guilt knowing that it isn’t the truth of who are you, in spirit. Same if you trigger someone else and they respond in an unloving way. The only thing that’s real is LOVE.

So… stand in your truth of who you are, wait before you react and clear that bad mamma jamma.

Affirm: I now release the need to experience this trigger relating to ___________ fully and completely. I forgive myself and the other person through all time, dimension, space and reality. I release the need to carry this heavy vibration in my body and I’m asking it to leave. I voluntarily give it to the Universe to be neutralized. And so it is.

Affirm that as much as you need in order to clear it at the root.

Here are a few AWESOME situations to be on the lookout for:

1.       Wanting to care about others, but not knowing how. Even strangers! You’ll feel that hard core this week as you find a medium ground between integrating how you normally behave with this new way of wanting to connect with others. When the Earth is more loving, we are too!

2.    The shit hitting the fan. Oh you know when the Earth changes, our lives change, whether we like it or not! Anything that is unloving is going to be right up in YO face this week. This is a golden opportunity for you to look that ugly behavior square in the face and make a decision to change it. The Universe answers decisiveness based on unconditional love. Every loving step you take is a step in the right direction.

3.    Your emotions are about to get REAL. When Earth is more loving, your lovey dovey emotions are going to be heightened too. I say this with a heavy dose of BUT… because I want you to operate from a place of unconditional love WITH boundaries. No rose colored glasses that are blocking your view of reality. The Universe doesn’t test you. We only test ourselves, so be sure to keep your boundaries up while remaining open to new opportunities, being open to forgiveness on all levels and hey, maybe a little more love in your life.

Wear pink this week. It will help attract loving and kind energy to you. You will also send that energy out. 

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