8 ways to invest in yourself when you’re on a budget

In 2013, I was suffering from low budget syndrome. I wanted to eat caviar, but my budget allowed for hot dogs. As someone that vehemently believes in self-care and self-improvement, I felt the budget constriction grow tighter and tighter when it became clear that I could no longer justify wants and had to make sure my actual needs were met.

The daily designer coffee trips, massages and pedicures that I had become so accustomed to were starting to fade into a distant memory. Fortunately, I realized that while this was my situation now, it didn’t need to be my life story. I decided that while my budget wasn’t ideal, my self-care was still a priority.

Here are a few low budget ways that I continued to invest in myself.

  1. Play date with friends

    A get together with one or more friends is not only free, but is perfect for making memories and catching up on each other’s lives.


  2. Escape this planet with a movie or video game

    Traveling to another galaxy, getting lost in a romance or rooting for your favorite unlikely hero is an excellent way to disconnect from budgetary concerns for a few hours. Consider budget friendly options such as you tube or movies and games you already own.


  3. Date yourself

    What would you do for someone else if you were dating them? Treat yourself to dinner, flowers, or a small gift. Look in the mirror and profess your love to yourself. The world needs more of your love and light. If you show up for yourself, the world shows up for you.


  4. Dance like no one is watching

    Jam to your favorite song in your car, at home or out in public. Moving your body and booty is a sure fire way to move any stagnant energy up and out from wherever it’s stored in your body. This is for you too, guys.


  5. Indulge in a luxurious bath

    Dig out those bath salts, bubble bath, music and candles to indulge in a little self-care. This is a great quiet time to relax and gain clarity. I feel awful after that long bath – said no one ever.


  6. Make an awesome list

    Instead of a to-do list, make a list of all the reasons that you’re awesome! Give back to yourself by recognizing the reasons that you are amazing, the qualities that you love in yourself and the positive contributions that you make to yourself, others and the world. By the way, I think you’re awesome.


  7. Find your tribe

    Social media is great for locating masterminds, forums and groups focused on your dreams, goals and aspirations. Associating with like-minded people that share your passions is a great way to further your goals and make new friends.


  8. Set your intentions

    One of the quickest ways to shift low budget energy into high gear is to jot down all the ways that you’re going to be of service to yourself and the world once you have your desired budget. What amazing things will you put out into the world? Let the universe take it from there.

    I can’t wait to hear about all of the incredible ways that you invest in yourself. You deserve it! Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below ;)