The truth behind procrastination

One of the most requested energy clearings I receive is from business owners struggling with procrastination and lack of motivation. These two, from a spiritual perspective, go hand in hand.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't about 'controlling your mind' to get things done, though, that is part of it. It's important to be sure that your subconscious mind is working with you and not against you. But, that's a topic for another day.

When it comes to understanding what may be causing procrastination in your life, it's important to evaluate what you're procrastinating ON and WHY. For instance, the root cause of procrastination is not lack of motivation (what people typically think it is).

It's actually being out of alignment with your goals OR poor timing. Or both.

I want to teach you how you evaluate whether you're actually out of alignment with your goal or the timing is off:

Try this simple exercise to evaluate if you're out of alignment with your goals:

  1. If you are TRULY excited and lit up by your goal, you won't procrastinate on it. So, your first step is draw a vertical line down a piece of paper and create two columns.
  2. In the first column, write down what you're working on that you're excited about.
  3. In the second column, write down what you're working on that you don't feel excited about. Another way to approach this is to write down what you're procrastinating on.
  4. If the items you're procrastinating on must get gone, try to find ways to make it more fun, to bright a lightness to it.

Timing can also be a HUGE factor in the manifestation of your goals. The way that I personally approach this is with a balance between logic and intuition. You see, sometimes you'll get a great idea in a dream or meditation or just out walking your dog. And you think, GREAT... I'm going to jump on this! The problem with that is, it's like the Knight of Swords in the tarot deck. He rides off on his horse with his sword drawn not thinking about the potential pitfalls of that decision. 

Ideas are awesome and divinely led, but they must be balanced with your personal intuition and logic. Here's how I do this:

  1. I write the idea down in my journal and sleep on the idea overnight.
  2. Before I go to sleep I ask for guidance - I ask to be shown the right direction.
  3. I wake up and write down what's in my mind right when I wake up, including any dreams I had.

This is my favorite dream website. Be sure to look up the dream symbology because dreams are how your subconscious communicates with you and sometimes the symbols are hard to evaluate. 

Try these out and let me know what happens. Be sure to take action on the things that light you up and pray for guidance on timing. Using your intuition and your logic as co-pilots will never steer you wrong. Drop a comment below and let me know how these worked for you. I can't wait to hear! 

Lots of Love,

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