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Pleiadians are energetically sensitive people that find the Earth to be a harsh place to live.

As a Pleiadian incarnate, you’ll resonate with one of two core archetypes.

Pleiadian Absorber

If you’re an absorber, you will take on the worlds problems, finding it difficult to discern between your own energy and someone else’s.

Pleiadian Drainer 

As a drainer, you will unintentionally lean into someone else’s energy through neediness because you don’t feel comfortable relying on your own energy and depending on yourself for your own survival. 

Regardless of your Archetype, you can get overly emotional and ungrounded, thereby derailing your mission by focusing on what’s wrong rather than what’s right with the world. You can be overly passionate about helping people, animals and the planet as a whole, which means that you get overwhelmed by the details easily and lose sight of the big picture.

You have big goals and even bigger visions, but if you don’t ground the energy that you feel, you could end up feeling very restless and also sabotaging your bigger goals. People often don’t understand your energy because you can be very high one minute and very low the next. It’s important to fully embrace your human experience, the good, the bad and the ugly as something that you chose with your free will. You’ll be much happier when you do!

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Pleiadians survived a catastrophic planet collapse and re-homing, so root chakra issues are especially pertinent to you. You value the 3 S’ - safety, security and stability more than anything else. You seek to find balance in your home environment, relationships, work and health. The most important balance you can find is the one within yourself and the others will balance themselves.

Your core fears are losing your home, family or security. You often worry about your ability to support yourself and your loved ones. For this reason, you really dislike change, even when you KNOW it needs to happen.

You find it difficult to trust others and you don’t give it freely to just anyone. It needs to be earned! There is a part of you that feels connected to the greater whole, but there is a shadow side to your energy that may feel bitterness or resentment to receiving any help from God or the Universe. This energy has to do with betrayal and feeling let down in past incarnations, likely your Pleiadian lifetime(s). This will make it very difficult for you to receive help from others, or to help yourself. So, it will feel like the Universe has abandoned you.

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You LOVE new beginnings, even if you struggle to initiate or accept the changes at first. Once you’re on the other side of it, it’s party time! You may even ask yourself, “What was I so worried about?” Yet time and time again, you fall into the same cycle.

Family is very important to you, it’s what makes your life worth living. When you hear people talk about finding your WHY, yours always has to do with your family and friends.

If you’re not already volunteering, picking up street trash, or volunteering at the local shelter… you think about it a LOT and often feel guilty for not helping more. You care very deeply about the footprint that you leave on the Earth and try to live your life as sustainably and consciously as possible.

Your big hopes, dreams and desires revolve around expanding consciousness. You KNOW this is the only way that the world will change for the better. You like sharing these messages with everyone because you know that even one small step is an improvement in the right direction.

Your challenge will be balancing the big hopes and dreams on your shoulders with actionable, practical HUMAN action. The faster you embrace the fact that you are a human, with an ego, the further and faster you will sprint to your destination. Do not make the mistake of believing that you know better than others, this will slow your journey down as the Universe creates space for humility in your life.

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