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As a Mayan, your dominant energy is the Peace Maker. You are most comfortable when everyone is getting along, communicating well and co-operating. As a peace maker, you can struggle with boundaries, taking on more than you should literally and energetically. This may negatively impact your nervous system if you don’t spend enough time in nature to re-charge and center yourself.

Nature is more than grounding for you, it’s where you experience your biggest breakthroughs and quiet, thoughtful moments with yourself that quite literally… feed your Soul.

One of your biggest passions is voicing sustainability and environmental concerns. Much like an elemental, you are focused on caring for the Earth but in a much more practical and actionable way. While Elementals work with people to raise awareness for the Earth and environment, you are more focused on practical actions that make an impact today.

You are very ritualistic and prefer consistency and stability in your life and day to day actions. One of the ways that you lighten up your energy to get into your flow state is through music and dance. Having a playlist that you love is one of the quickest ways for you to raise your vibe!

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As a Mayan, you are very sensitive to issues of abuse and how you are treated in every area of your life, especially physically. One of your biggest fears is being physically harmed or dying due to physical harm. Your lifetime was one of almost constant danger and threats to your safety, so as an incarnated being with this archetype, you tend to err on the side of safety when it comes to decision making. You are hyper aware and protective of your personal boundaries.

You’re not a huge fan of the water and even if you do like being near the ocean or a large body of water, you won’t likely put yourself in a position where you can’t get back to shore quickly.

A big concern for you is being disconnected from your creator because it means that you’re disconnected from yourself. This makes you vigilant with your connection and practices that keep you feeling connected and peaceful, like meditation.

A core fear for you stems from survival instincts in your Mayan lifetime. Because you may have lost those you loved and also went through periods of starvation, you always want to have a refrigerator full of food and know where your loved ones are at all times. This makes you a bit overprotective but you view it as always want to be available for those you love. This stems from an unresolved fear of Loss.

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As a Mayan, your mind body and spiritual connection is always at the forefront of your mind as you work to achieve balance between the three. You love to share your knowledge and may even find yourself in a field of health, mindset or healing as a way to help others find the same balance.

Part of your passions include sustainability and the imprint that you’re leaving on the Earth. You are aware of your consumption, seek to achieve a more minimalistic lifestyle and tend to get overwhelmed by clutter in any of your 3 focal points: Mind, Body, Spirit. You try to keep chemicals out of your environment, food and body as much as possible. This is not a lifestyle change for you, but rather a long term solution to feeling whole.

You are the peacemaker and want other people to co-operate and get along, not just with you but with each other. You believe that we are all the family of one Earth Mother and want to see a world where everyone gets along and is able to nurture one another’s strengths rather than differences.

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