Lemurian-You live in the clouds a lot, which makes it difficult for you to focus. You’re a dreamer that sees the world that you want to live in. When you do get yourself grounded, you’re a high achiever and get a lot done in a short amount of time.png
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Lemurian Souls are master shape shifters. They go wherever they’re needed, whenever their presence serves the uplifting of humanity or the Universe as a whole. Lemurians are the most common type of walk-in (a soul that enters a body that another soul wants to exit without dying).

As a Lemurian, you will resonate with one or both of the following two archetypes. These overlap because Lemurians are able to shape shift to fit in with any tribe. The first is the ‘light’ side of the archetype while the second is the ‘shadow’ side.


Truth seekers hold space for the light, even in the darkest of times. They realize the power of their energy and the space they hold to heal themselves and others.


Evil slayers are able to identify injustices in current systems and aim to rectify them. They are relentless and inflexible, finding it difficult to connect with others.

The pendulum swings far left and far right when it comes to your energy and you have the tendency to fly really high or sink really low. Much like the Pleiadians, you value the 3 S’, safety, stability and security. Balance is very important to you and a strong foundation is at the core of who you are. Sometimes you forget your own internal strength and power, causing yourself much distress when you realize that most people don’t operate with the same level of integrity that you do.

Your personality is very much go all in or go home. You’re very much aware that you came here with a big mission and you have every intention of seeing that mission through.

Don’t get me wrong, you love being at home, probably a bit more than you love hanging out with people. You have a strong sense of community and desire to help others in anyway that you can, sometimes to your own detriment. Even then, you’re forgiving to a fault and you always want to see the best in people.

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Lemurians struggle to fit in and often identify as the ‘black sheep’. In earlier years this is divides you from your community but in your adult years, once you’ve learned to appreciate your uniqueness, you’ll meet a tribe that accepts and loves you for who you are.

Two of your greatest fears are both failure and success. Your fear of failure keeps you playing small while your fear of success keeps you quiet. With failure, you will procrastinate and blame a lack of motivation on your failures. With success, you will put yourself down, invalidate your ideas and take the safe road because it fulfills your needs of safety, security and stability. But you will remain emotionally unfulfilled as you continue to deny your true wants and needs.

Lemurians faced a profound level of heartbreak at the fall of Atlantis. For this reason, you may not be quick to open your heart to someone or something, especially if it seems too good to be true. This keeps you in a cycle of loneliness and an inability to fully open your heart to people enough to actually trust them.

On another level this leads to issues with vulnerability and intimacy. You may find yourself in an endless cycle of flings and long term dating.

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You’re also very much a truth-telling justice seeker. You are a natural lie detector and can easily tell when someone is lying. Because this is so important to you, you tend to take it personally and lose respect for the person, no matter how much you love them. You just can’t see a reason to lie and you hold yourself to this same standard.

As a Lemurian, you love connection. You may find yourself playing matchmaker just for the sheer joy of it. You have lots of acquaintances and are a pro at connecting with others.

Elevating consciousness is very important to you. You love to find new ways to help others come out of the shadows and embrace a life filled with faith, truth and miracles. It feels easy to you so it makes sense to share it with everyone you care about.

Your ultimate goal is to live in a heart centric world. You don’t believe that ‘it’s too late’ and know that every single small action is enough to create big change in the world.

Your challenge will be to set aside the overwhelm and harness your inner strength and courage to take action that makes YOU happy. Because you’re always so focused on others, you usually set your own dreams aside. You need to balance serving others with the knowledge that by focusing on your priorities, you ARE serving others. Your mission is important and deserves your full attention.

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As a Lemurian, your core value is INTEGRITY.png

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