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As an Elemental, your energy is light and fun! You like to spend time with people that mirror your energy, but also share some of your values. You find it difficult to pretend or put on a show and prefer deeper conversations with people that really understand you.

You tend to hop from one task to the next, so it’s important to ground yourself and bring joy and fun to the work that you do. You generally have a positive mindset, so you prefer to stay away from heavy, toxic energy. Due to your elemental nature, you tend to take this on and feel negative and heavy after just a small exposure to it.

If you’re not careful, you can get bogged down by the challenges facing the Earth. You get overwhelmed by the news, feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to change. Remain on the side of advocacy, speaking up for groups that have no voice, like animals and nature and you’ll see great success.

It’s important for you to take higher reasoning into account and trust the divine plan at work. Although things feel heavy on Earth sometimes, it’s critical to step beyond this illusion and look at the big picture and how Y O U can help initiate that change.

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Elementals can see the imbalances in nature and the Earth. As an Elemental, you understand the importance of spending time in nature to calm your nervous system, bring you back to center and quiet your mind. One of your biggest concerns is the destruction you witness in humanity’s day to day consumption that is causing great imbalances in the Earth’s cycles.

Betrayal is a core concern to you and you’ve likely had several experiences of betrayal, especially by those you love. Elementals in particular tend to trust first and ask questions later, often feeling disappointed and doubting that their intuition will protect them in the future. This is not an intuitive flaw, however. This happens because you desire unity and will find a way to connection with anyone, anytime, anywhere often ignoring big red flags.

As an Elemental, you worry about the lack of connection that you see between humanity and nature. You strive to keep your footprint small and do what you can to educate others on their impact but it frustrates you to see others not doing the same.

Small amounts of pain are amplified in your body because you are so connected to the Earth and collective. You feel it ALL, so this makes you particularly sensitive to any type of emotional, spiritual, physical or mental pain.

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As an Elemental, community and unity are very important to you. You imagine living in a world where everyone is thriving, happy, prosperous and most of all… CONNECTED! To you, this is a world where every being is working to keep balance and care for the Earth as much as they care for themselves and their family.

Your answer to the popular beauty pageant question, “If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be and why?” would be…

World Peace

Your desire is to see the world living in harmony with other people and nature, an elimination of all abuse and joy for all.

While other people may not see how this is possible, you CLEARLY understand the path to make this happen and sometimes feel a bit bogged down by the details. You have the big vision and would do well to work with someone that can take your big vision and chunk it down into actionable steps that feel less overwhelming to you. You’d work best with what you love most… a community of people supporting you and loving you.

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