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You tend to get really passionate about 1-2 topics at a time. Okay okay, sometimes 3 or 4! You love to multi-task and it’s because you have so many great ideas and don’t always see someone offering a solution the right way.

You are an architect in a sense and you really like to build things from scratch. You lean towards technology and devising solutions that solve a problem on a grand scale. Sometimes this means that you get stuck in perfectionism. 

You are quick witted and sharp! Sometimes people don’t even understand your jokes or your personality because it flies right over them. Because you love to debate, you may get into little disagreements with people that don’t realize you live for passionate and lively discussions.

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Many Atlanteans were unable to reunite with their family members before the destruction of Atlantis. This caused deep wounding that you will lose people you love. It shows up in your life as controlling behavior which may cause you to hold onto people for too long and in turn this could be either passive or manipulative actions to guilt people into staying with you. This comes from a deep fear of loss. 

You may fear the water but long to live near it. If you live near water now, you may find that you don’t go swimming often or any further than waist deep. This is often due to the size of the ocean, the power of it and the overwhelm that you’ll be consumed by the power of it. You may also have an unreasonable fear of sea creatures, like whales due to their sheer size in comparison to you.

Atlanteans have trouble sleeping through the night due to fears that they will be harmed while they sleep. Dreams reflect memories of drowning, fire, falling and being pulled away from those you love. 

Big crowds, or small places are not for you. You don’t like being in the center of any situation because you want to be able to see an exit and get to it quickly at all times no matter where you’re standing. This is sitting in the aisle seat on a plane, or near the door or a ship, or the last row in the back at a concert or movie theatre.

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You’re drawn to crystals, alternative healing and all things spiritual. You believe that there’s more out there than what we’re able to see with our physical eyes and you intend on finding out what that is.

You’re a Seeker through and through! You use your curiosity to learn new things and you love experimenting and trying new things, especially if it can improve your life or your family’s life in some way.

You want to change the world and you have every intention of leaving a legacy behind. In order to do this, you need to rectify all the wrong in the world with balance and equality. Your ultimate goal is peace and harmony. You know this begins with uprooting and exposing all that’s wrong.

Your challenge will be balancing diplomacy and love to further your objectives, rather than triggering those around you as you blaze forward on your mission.

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I’m an expert at identifying and healing core wounds, passionate about energy healing and I’m obsessed with teaching people how to navigate a Spiritual awakening and everything it entails, in a practical way that won’t take over their life (because it shouldn’t).

I’m a happy California girl that spends the day writing, creating videos and working with my soul mate clients to transform their lives. Most days I have my puppy at my feet while I share the secrets of the Universe with my Soul tribe.


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