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As an Arcturian, you play well with others, are agreeable and flexible. You like to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand that things come up and that people have their own lives. You try to treat others as you want to be treated and this works well for you.

Helping others is what drives you. You always think of others before you think of yourself and you run many of your decisions through the filter of how it may impact others. Of all of the Soul Tribes, you care the most about how your actions whether large or small are impacting other people. You don’t ask for much but you are energized by service and feeling needed and appreciated for what you do for others.

Although you love spending time with others, it’s important for you to have some time alone as well. You are well balanced and able to communicate your needs and desires easier than most people. You’re in touch with both your intuition and your feelings but you weigh logic heavily into your decisions. Again, this is part of your balanced energy. You take everything into consideration before making a final decision.

You love being around flowers, trees and in nature. It’s calming to your mind and energy but it also recharges you. At times when you’re feeling down or not yourself, this is where you find the energy to return to your life.

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You don’t like being around high stress individuals or environments because you don’t understand why people choose chaos rather than peace. This is triggering to you and as an empath, you tend to take on the energy so you try to avoid it completely.

You may not be the biggest fan of flying or traveling alone, only because you hate the feeling of falling. While others may love things like rollercoasters, you stay far away. You like things predictable and stable.

This is because it requires you to surrender control and you absolutely struggle with that. You want to know the details of everything before you give up an ounce of control. But then again, sometimes you will surrender if you really trust the person… but you’ll be on edge the entire time.

Arcturians were surprised in the dead of the night, so you’re not a fan of total darkness or of sleeping alone. You feel safer when someone else is with you. Dark also can represent death and if you did have a fear of death, it would likely be about being burned or buried alive.

A big trigger for you is someone trying to impede on your rights. This extends to family members and your interactions with the law and people in a position of power. You will protect your family and yourself at all costs.

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As an Arcturian, your primary focus is strongly on your family, the connection you have with others and the family unit as a whole.

You utilize your intuition often and it’s a fine balance for you to remain connected even when things aren’t going as planned. You are excellent with regaining composure and logically solving problems, while feeling into the correct course of action to take.

You rely heavily on community support to carry you forward and if you’re in a place in your life where you’re alone, you’ll find that seeking support is the fastest way to move forward. Imagine yourself as the person sitting on the boat with no oars, the ocean is moving you forward. Find your ocean and reconnect with them!

You can imagine a world where everyone is free to be who they are and you’re the type of person that accepts others as they are, while holding space for who they may become. You understand that things change and your flexible nature is what helps people feel safe in your presence.

You don’t ask for much, but you do ask for the truth. You don’t like being lied to, nor lied about. To you, this is the the core problem the world. You treat others with kindness & expect the same!

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