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If you often feel “blocked”, it’s a sign that you’re out of sync with your heart. If your heart is in conflict with your mind, you’ll have trouble moving forward or often get stuck in the “how” to get things moving, which may leave you procrastinating even more.

Everything will seem out of reach and difficult to resolve. You’ll wonder why you’re experiencing the same issues over and over.

My work is about bringing you back to a state of CHOICE.

Feeling stuck and trapped are calling your attention to areas where you feel you have no choice and that will leave you feeling disempowered and a victim to your circumstances and environment.

Then, you’ll blame others for your life and your circumstances instead of taking responsibility for them. Your healing is up to you.

If you’re truly ready for change and committed to showing up for yourself and open to following your souls guidance for the next phase of your life, then you are ready for work with the Akashic Records. And that’s my area of expertise.

Through our conversations and light energy work, we work through any stuck energy, outdated beliefs and fears that you’ve been holding onto leading the way to deeper connections in your life, love and work. And more love equals more money, more meaningful connections, new opportunities, greater creativity, deeper commitment and so much more.

I’ll teach you how to bring yourself back to center, align with the truth of who you are and how to live life unapologetically on your terms.

I am no longer seeing clients for single sessions. Many of my courses have been designed to assist you in achieving next level healing and block removal. By enrolling and listening to the audio in each course, your Akashic Records are automatically cleared of the block that may be holding you back. Click the button below to review my course options.

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I was skeptical when I started working with Felicia.

"I heard her on a podcast and something in my gut said, "she's the person who will help you". After our first session, I knew that Felicia was going to be in my life for a very long time.

I've done a lot of 'energy work' before. And as an entrepreneur, and a mom, I do a lot of personal development work on my own.

The transformation that I feel since working with Felicia is indescribable. My shoulder pain, that I've had since 2003 completely gone (and it's been months) and more importantly she's helped me process through deep pain, fear and shame around my divorce and my traumatic marriage.

Her work is far-reaching that even my ex-husband has shifted the way he treats me which is unbelievable yet true.

Felicia, I am so incredibly grateful that you've chosen to share your gift with me. You have changed my life in more ways than I can even describe."

- Lori Kennedy