Rise Above Program

Boost your connection to the Universe by deleting limiting beliefs and energy from the top 12 main energies that hold you back in your life with the Rise Above Home Clearing Program.

After working with hundreds of clients, I've discovered that there are 12 main categories that keep us blocked in our life and business.

Once these categories are energetically balanced, we begin to see immediate, tangible shifts in our lives that produce real results.

Here's the weekly breakdown:

Energy alignment is the number one element in creating the life you deserve and desire. This session plants you firmly on your truest path.

Highlights include:
* Activate your Divine Life Blueprint with Archangel Michael, a document stored in your energy field that holds your plan for this lifetime
* Preparing your energy to accept new opportunities by opening your solar plexus
* Addressing the 3 major energies that block you from owning your worth

In this session we take a look at the energy which is either aligning you with, or preventing you from, you highest purpose and success.

Highlights include:
* Exploring and clearing 4 major recurring life path themes that are heavily rooted and blocking your growth
* Addressing the big, heavy beliefs that you may have been carrying over multiple lifetimes
* Filling in with the new energy of “I am worthy on all levels 

We play with the amazing energy of source creative energy, and the pure and joyful way we are intended to experience life.

Highlights include:
* Removing the energy that blocks our authentic creation energy
* Understanding the energy true happiness and powerfully aligning with it for our happiest life
* Stepping into the vibration of “all you want, you may have.”

A powerful goal oriented session to get your energy aligned in work, life and financial abundance.

Highlights include:
* Deleting deep fears, addressing how they are affecting your life right now, and replacing those with new energies
* Addressing lack of faith and how that affects your ability to resonate with what you truly desire at a soul level
* Becoming a grateful recipient of universal gifts

We take a look at energy and the physical body as well as a deep spiritual cleanse.

Highlights include:
*Experience the energy of Archangel Raphael, responsible for all forms of healing
*Calling forth your Divine Healing Blueprint and the energy of absolute faith, trust and alignment
* Movement into supported self healing 

Activate your ability to see, hear and feel the Archangels and enjoy connecting fully after releasing many limiting beliefs in previous sessions.

Highlights include:
* Activating the four clairs that allow us to connect to spirit (knowing, feeling, seeing, hearing)
* Integrating the clairs with the chakra system for full energetic and physical alignment
* Building confidence and trust in using intuition for the benefit of ourselves and others

Get completely present to immense amounts of self-love energy and learn to have fun with it!

Highlights include:
* Work with the soul book as a whole, addressing entire root causes as well as individual blocks
* Be supported by Archangel Raphael and receive the unconditional love energies that come in from Source
* Prepare the heart chakra to be able to receive expanded amounts of self-love

A necessary energy check to see how you’re aligning with the records and where you are headed next on your journey.

Highlights include:
* Revive tired energy to support the integration of the powerful work that you’ve undertaken in previous sessions
* Experience a deep chakra check with Archangel Metatron
* Clear 5 beliefs and energies for each chakra to create balance and flow

A stress-relieving, decluttering session for your physical, spiritual and emotional space, making room for new energies.

Highlights include:

* Working with the body’s meridians to create ultimate flow
* Archangel Raphael’s green emerald energy aligns the chakra system
* Address where fears around abuse, worthiness, guilt, anger & more are held in the body and delete from your physical and energetic space

Power packed session with Archangels Metatron, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael joining with the Akashic Records to help you move into massive financial abundance.

Highlights include:
* Getting connected to the Universal Bank of Abundance
* Address 6 major areas in which your abundance is being blocked
line* Clear entire sections of your soul book at once!

A free flowing session addressing individual and collective energies.

Highlights include:
* Group questions around abundance addressed live
* Third eye chakra is opened to help you see the possibilities in receiving financial abundance
* Become present with what you can personally do right now to bring additional revenue into your life


About Felicia

Felicia is a Master Healer, specializing in the Akashic Records, Angels and Atlantis. She's determined to live in a world where everyone is healthy, thriving, and dis-ease free! When not shifting energy in the akashic records for her amazing clients, you’ll find her whipping up a delicious vegan storm or indulging in a little shopping therapy. She’s currently writing her second book on Atlantis.

More about Felicia here.