Money Alignment Recordings

The biggest request from clients is always "How to make more money". With these audios, we'll help you do just that. There are a set of energies that stop us from achieving all that we desire and its based on a belief system.

Here's the weekly breakdown:


Kick start your journey to ease of abundance with this session to open your awareness and begin the flow of money, including clearing blocked energy in the Akashic Records.

Highlights include:
* How to “create” your money, rather than “making” it, while staying in alignment
* Clearing beliefs around worthiness, resistance, lack of openness to abundant opportunities and self sabotage
* Addressing feeling triggered by the success of others or “why me?” energy and aligning your energy to  allow new learning to step further into your own power

Step up into super empowerment mode by releasing past patterns and aligning with new abundant frequencies. This is especially powerful if you have ever had trouble believing in yourself or trusting that money is coming your way.

Highlights include:
* Deep dive into the unwillingness to be accepting of our own worth on every level, the deepest block to living an abundant life
* Trusting in the Universe to provide what you have asked for
* Taking guided action to move forward in conjunction with energetic alignment

This session tackles the understanding that once something is asked for, it is already available to us. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to receive, and the next step in our journey of worthiness. 

Highlights include:
* Addressing any imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies that govern our abundance receiving systems
* Identifying and removing imbalances in the light body, often caused by periods of expansion and contraction.
* Clearing powerful “I don’t know” energy, which disconnects us from our creative power 

In this session we bring your goals for the next 12 months to the front and inject powerful creative energy to achieve them quickly, and with ease and joy.

Highlights include:
* Have the Akashic Records align your intention for abundance with the outcome you most desire (you can also use this session again to realign when your goals change!)
* Learn to allow the abundance you desire come to you with ease from Source, rather than reaching for the next goal
* Clearing inability to dream bigger or see the big picture, removing stuckness and allowing effortless growth


About Felicia

Felicia is a Master Healer, specializing in the Akashic Records, Angels and Atlantis. She's determined to live in a world where everyone is healthy, thriving, and dis-ease free! When not shifting energy in the akashic records for her amazing clients, you’ll find her whipping up a delicious vegan storm or indulging in a little shopping therapy. She’s currently writing her second book on Atlantis.

More about Felicia here.