Journey To Alignment

A clearing program that aligns mind, body and spirit

After working with hundreds of clients just this year, I noticed a few things...

They all had similar requests:

More money
A worthwhile relationship
A successful business
More clients
More time to spend with their families
Wanting to let go of fear
Wanting to move forward but not knowing how
The ability to connect with their intuition and Angels
and the list goes on...

If you take all of these and add them up, they all wanted ONE thing.

Alignment with their lives

They simply wanted an easy, effortless life and it wasn't happening. But why?

Fear was holding them back

I not only tracked the major client requests over a 6 month period but I also tracked what the akashic records claimed was the MAJOR energy that blocked that particular client from achieving Alignment with their mind, body and spirit.

Not surprisingly, they all had similar repeating patterns blocking their success.

Here's an example: 
The number one energy that I see preventing an increase in Money is...

Lack of Universal Faith

Think about it. If you say you have faith, but second guess a purchase or tighten your budget when you didn't hit your income goal, you are sending the complete opposite message to the Universe. Universal Faith suggests that everything you need will be provided for you precisely when you need it.

I get it.

It can be really difficult to break out of those patterns, especially when they are deeply rooted. Energy can be rooted in past life times or this current lifetime. You may have picked up limiting beliefs from your parents, society, your siblings or your boss.

I created the JTA program to specifically target the repeating patterns that prevent Alignment with Mind, Body and Spirit. We're going to DELETE those repeating patterns in your Akashic Records. This makes space for amazing new energy, opportunities, people, money and love to enter.

I could look at each past lifetime or specific energy to tell you where it came from, but I won't. I've perfected a healing technique that allows us to delete the beliefs from the root cause without looking at their origin. That would take forever and quite frankly, wouldn't you rather get on with your life, make more money, have more fun and experience more success?? I thought so!

A BIG THANK YOU! to Felicia. For the amazing work she does.

I had a special beta session with her early in September, before she left on her epic adventure. 3 hours of block clearing, new beliefs in their place, and checking my alignment on so many levels.

So much healing and recalibrating took place that I was plain out for two days. Which I knew would happen so I had put it into my calendar.

I feel so much lighter and centered with these blocks cleared. Felicia had told me integration would take place over the next weeks and that certainly happened. Looking back to the notes of our session, I can see so many beliefs that have completely cleared - they hold no resonance for me any longer.

I love working wth Felicia because she’s so fun and still very hands-on let’s get things going. Boom. With a laugh. I love the work she does in the Akashic Records because it’s so effective in clearing the deeply rooted stuff. Beliefs that gradually come to the surface and then take time working through. In a session with Felicia it’s months of uncovering and letting go and replacing all at once.

There’s integration time afterwards - but already you know something has shifted and now your physical being just needs to readjust. This is absolutely god-given work for an impatient girl like me!

I also love that this clears both blocks that have been created this lifetime, as things I have been carrying around for literally ages.

Thank you Felicia. Much love to you.
— Kathleen Saelens

Each month we're going to address a different theme and the MAJOR repeating patterns that affect that theme. Since I love to over deliver, if the records bring any other themes, repeating patterns or energy blocks to my attention on the call - we're going to delete those too!

Here are the major repeating patterns that we'll be addressing (in no particular order):

Lack of Faith
Lack of Trust
Parent / Society Trauma
Self Worth
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Authenticity
Inner child trauma / Childhood trauma
Universal Alignment / Fear of Alignment
Earth Beliefs / Grounding / Feeling Disconnected
Religious / Spiritual Beliefs and Trauma

Psst... I reserve the right to update / change the program if the records call my attention to different patterns. After all, we want to make sure we're on track and up-leveling you as quickly as possible.

Here's how it works:

  • We'll have 4 LIVE 60 minute group clearing calls (1 per week) and 1 bonus content per month.

  • Each call will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook group for easy access.

Here's an example of the program structure for Month 1 in the JTA program:

The theme for October 2015 is MONEY

Week 1: Alignment - We're going to align you with the energy of money, this is integration with the Universal Bank of Abundance (yeah, there is one). Alignment means that your energy backsup your intention. Those two have to be synced up.

Week 2: Release - Anything that is out of alignment with money, will be released. We'll hit the major beliefs and resistances both to giving and receiving this week and do a major energetic clean out.

Week 3: Allowance - This is where we align your energy to allow money to flow to you. This is what its all about. We're already rich, its a matter of allowing it to create itself in the physical.

Week 4: Creation - BOOM! We'll align your intention with what you want to create. For this one, create a list of what you want to create money wise for the next year (set this as your intention before this call). This may be overwhelming for your energy but that's precisely what I'm looking for. I want it overwhelmed so we can see the major blocks. DREAM BIGGER.

A single session with me is $274 for 45 minutes. 12 sessions with me (one per month) would have cost you $3, 288 for the year. This is 4 sessions with me per month for $780 for an entire year. A savings of over $12, 000.

The JTA program is $78 per month or $780 per year (2 months free). To enroll, please select your preferred option below.

Terms: Enrollment in this membership program is a year-long commitment. There are no refunds, no exceptions, regardless of which option is selected. Plans will auto-renew annually after your 12th payment is received.