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  • Better understand the Akashic Records and get your burning questions answered

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It's no accident that you found us, you were led here. 

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"I love this group because it's a safe place to be 100% me without judgment. I love that when I have a question so many kind souls are ready and willing to help. I love that Felicia is always a message away and demonstrates true love for others and friendship with no ulterior motive. I didn't find this group by accident, I was led to this group and I'm so grateful for all of you! Thank you Felicia for showing us what a true badass looks like!" - Stacy


"I like the brainstorming and feedback others give to each other. I've learned setting better boundaries." - Sonya

"I absolutely love this group. When I joined I never reached out and now I am more then ever. Thank you ladies for always being kind and supportive and offer great advice. I love it. I don't have many friends that think like I do. And you guys do. I'm learning also to trust myself more. Love love love you my soul sistas." - Amie

"I feel this group has been my tribe as I don't have many friends that are in the same mindset. Learned how to trust in the big U more. I like all the guidance that came from this which slowed a bit now". - Isabelle

Enter Your Name & Email TO JOIN!
See you inside :)