E-Course: Learn to muscle test like a badass.

Living in the Matrix may cause confusion

It’s time to take healing into your own hands

What if I told you that you could learn to trust your own intuition by using muscle testing as a stepping stone? It eliminates the doubt and confusion from any situation, can help prioritize if there is more than one viable option and can shift your beliefs that you need an expert to tell you what’s good for you… for any situation.

What the hell is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a very unique process with a wide range of capabilities. All you need is 2 fingers on your non dominant hand and 1 finger on your dominant hand to muscle test effectively.

But wait... you can't use muscle testing without formal training, right? WRONG! That's the beauty of this process. You can learn this quickly and be working with it immediately AND effectively.

There’s a very specific reason that I call the muscle testing process ‘Truth Serum’. I’ve found it to be 100% accurate while working with my clients and I use it for every day guidance in my own life.


Nah, you don’t need muscle testing! Right?

Muscle testing side effects include:

  • Making the best decision, every time
  • Taking control of your health
  • Guidance based on your individual unique self
  • Extreme satisfaction and happiness with life
  • ‘Being able to verify any diagnosis, question or concern
  • Experiencing immediate results
  • Learning to trust your intuition

What if?

  • You could review resumes and muscle test which employee to interview?
  • Indecision about which product or service to offer next could be eliminated?
  • You could take the guess work out of your pricing?
  • You could determine which job is in your highest and best interest?
  • You could gauge which service will make you the most money?
  • Your entire day was muscle tested...

I can't even begin to describe the magic that happens when you start muscle testing. It is truly something that you need to experience.

You'll be able to:

  • Take the course at your leisure! It's completely self paced.
  • Learn how to muscle test effectively and accurately
  • Know your testing readiness checks backwards and forwards, the reason for each readiness check and the reason you may be switching out
  • Learn to use muscle testing in your every day life
  • Connect with fellow muscle testing students in the Facebook group
  • Question and verify everything
  • Be able to recite the definition of muscle testing to me like a badass (you will be asked questions when you do this publically and its up to us earth angels to spread the word)

2 BONUSES are included with the purchase of this e-course!

  • A badass workbook with a 'typical day' of muscle testing blueprint + sample questions and statements that you can use over and over again ($35 value)
  • A supplement and essential oils resource PDF with my favorite products, where you can find them and what they do ($65 value)