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  • Ellie Isacs
  • Antonina Andreeva

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  • Crystal Davis

Ellie Isacs
Transformation and Brand Coach | Intuitive Copywriter |

Before I took part in Felicia’s Aligning with your Business program, I knew I was intuitive and very sensitive to energy. My brand and my business were there, but I was being consumed at times with self-doubt, criticism and didn’t always know what my next steps looked like!

I can not recommend this program enough. It has transformed me completely. For a copywriter as myself, words fail me to describe how this journey has been for me. So instead of trying hard, I will give you the deets. Take a snapshot of how this program has transformed me and my business:

BEFORE – I had a lack of faith and trust in myself and my intuitive abilities.
AFTER – We worked on boosting my faith and trust in myself and connecting me with my intuition. Now I have profound trust in myself and my Divine Guidance.

BEFORE – I wasn’t clear on the next steps or actions to take in my business.
AFTER – I gained clarity and inspiration for moving forward with my business and offerings in a way that felt good and was aligned with my life path.

BEFORE – I had a long desire to be published in a major publication.
AFTER – I was published in Huffington Post within 48 hours and a received a personal invite from them!

BEFORE – I knew that I was intuitive but didn’t understand how to use it.
AFTER – I’ve since grown into an Intuitive Copywriter, have been invited to be a guest speaker (online and offline) and have been asked to be interviewed.

BEFORE – My senses were sharp but I wasn’t really hearing my intuition clearly.
AFTER – I receive crystal clear channeled messages from Angels about me and my clients. The intuition activation that is part of the program is very effective!

BEFORE – I struggled to create a FB post to connect with my ideal clients.
AFTER – I confidently channeled a post that generated $1,000 within a few days.

I have had my first 10K Launch while still in the program. I have attracted clients easily and accomplished much more in my business than ever before in only 3 weeks time. I have gained deep alignment with my business, authenticity, truth and life path.

During the program I’ve discovered limiting beliefs I never even thought existed. Those beliefs were eliminated from the core and deleted from my subconscious. I had fears literally eliminated from me, and felt profound lightness and expansion. I’ve had my chakras activated, received soul messages and my energy has been aligned every single session to my highest good.

If you remember one thing from me, remember this – this is not an investment for 12 weeks. This is a lifelong and invaluable investment for your life, your business and yourself. Gift yourself this experience.

OH YES – SIGN UP Dear Darling!

Antonina Andreeva
The Coachinista

Having worked with Felicia previously, I knew what a talented healer she was.

Just days before I realised that I reached a point that the kind of change that I craved needed to happen at a soul level.

So, when she put out the call to her AWB program - I felt this was a great opportunity to really deepen that experience through our work together.

What ensued in the next 3 month was beyond magical. Our work was really a gift from above. I feel like a completely different person to the one I was at the start of the program. I have AND to this day having MAJOR breakthroughs in my biz EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In these 3 month I grew as person, woman, mother, wife, coach and biz owner. I don’t think I’ve have ever felt as alive, as confident, as content, as purposeful, as aligned as I do now.

I am so grateful for the forces that brought us together, because I don’t think I would have been where I am now without Felicia and her gift.

This by far the best investment I have made in myself and my biz!

Crystal Davis

Yes, this is a straight up raving review for Felicia! I met her in my transition between a successful corporate career and unknown future. I’d tried many approaches, but my progress was slow.

In one conversation, Felicia blew up more family limits and old traumas than I thought possible and shifted my money mindset from lack to massive abundance. Within months I went from confused and struggling to owning my own property in Italy and being completely location independent. I am now living my purpose in every sense, and my bank balance reflects it!

Let me tell you straight: Felicia is worth your investment.