Core Wound Healing Process


Hey friend, so what do you think happens if you don’t heal your core wound?

Do the gates of hell open and swallow you until you realize that the only hell that exists is the one you consciously (or subconsciously) created for yourself?

Not quite.

You just end up living your personal version of hell, which may not actually be so bad.

It might be occasional arguments with your spouse that you consider a normal part of the relationship.

Or, it could be working a job you don’t necessarily love in order to support your family because they depend on you to be there to supply for their needs and wants.

Maybe you’ve got that side hustle going because you’re just not making enough to support yourself free-stylin’ just yet.

Whatever it is, it probably isn’t painful enough for you to make a radical change just yet.

But if you’re anything like most of my clients, there will be one fateful day that changes everything in an instant…

You might just wake up and feel this gnawing pain in the pit of your stomach.

That is “lack of joy” my friend and it only becomes a physical symptom when you’ve ignored your intuition, creativity and happiness for so long… it literally eats away at you from the inside out. This feeling often comes with digestive issues, upset stomach, muscle aches, exhaustion, burnout and a generally shitty mood (ala’ “don’t talk to me lest I snap at you”)…

But don’t worry, there’s a fix for this and it’s not a pill. It’s not magic, but the results are magical.

So, in this post, I wanted to share exactly how to heal your core wound. If you don’t know what a core wound is… seriously, where have you been? :P

Check out this blog to discover your core wound because i’m about to share the 6 steps you need to take to get it healed… once and for all.

Step 1 - Identify the core wound

You can do that for free right now, right here. The reason you want to identify it is because it is the MAP. Once you know what your core wound is, the rest of your life and experiences begin to make sense. Have you ever breathed a big sigh of relief when you finally realize or come to terms with something? Even if you don’t know how to fix it, at least you know what it is. It’s DISCOVERY and it’s the first step to any healing.

Step 2 - Isolate the core wound

In order to isolate the core wound, you need to know where, when, why and how it started and who was involved. This is not to blame others involved, or yourself. This exercise shines a light on an emotional wound (core wound) that was so painful, you buried it. In order to heal, we need to shed light on these dark places. Sometimes it is a past life issue, other times its an issue with your soul tribe, or even if your family ancestry. One of the best ways to do this is through a regression or visioning exercise to bring you into a state of altered consciousness where it’s easier to connect with your past.

Step 3 - Identify the belief structure that your core wound created

Core wounds create an energetic structure around you that houses your beliefs. You LIVE inside of this house, responding and reacting to your environment based on the beliefs that surround you. If your house is expansive and supportive, you are able to expand and grow with minimal triggers and fears surfacing. If your house is small, limited and restricted, you will contract… unable to expand and grow. The house was designed to keep you safe, but it can also keep you stuck. This is where we identify the story (the house) that your core wound created and begin to understand whether the story is helping you or hurting you.

Step 4 - Re-create the belief structure

Your core wound is being held up by your belief structure and in order to re-create it, we need to re-write it. It’s a lot like taking a wrecking ball to an old house. We need to bring it back down to the foundation by questioning every single belief you are holding onto. I’m not going to lie… this is HARD work and it’s triggering. Your energy is completely solid and aligned according to your Souls truth but if your beliefs don’t match your Souls truth, you’ll remain stuck and in a repeating pattern cycle that never ends. This is the critical moment that we re-build the belief house you’ve working with.

Step 5 - Create

Once your beliefs are fixed, there is no excuse for the limiting patterns and situations in your life to continue. This is where you may see people or situations dropping out of your life on their own, or by your choice. This is a time of actionable change where your choices literally shape your reality. It’s critical to say yes to what brings you joy and no to what drains you. Only then will your reality change.

Step 6 - Embodiment

This is where you begin co-creating your ideal life with the Universe and your Soul. Rather than responding from a core wound, you’re set free to make choices that align with your Soul journey. Your spiritual practice is brought into practical application as you use it to navigate the cycles of your days and your energy to make choices that truly celebrate who you are. Embodiment is all about using your spiritual tools and your power of free choice, to create a life you love!

Believe it or not, healing does not need to go on forever. You can heal your main emotional wound, repair your energy and allow yourself to receive all the goodness that the Universe is trying to bless you with. It will take work, but it is SO worth it.

If you feel like you’d benefit from healing your core wound, i’d love to work with you. I take my clients through these 6 steps in our one-on-one work together and the results are truly life changing! I offer free consultations to see if it’s a good fit. You can book your free consult right here.

All My Love,