Core Wound: Responsibility


Have you ever had someone very important to you blame you for something that you absolutely did not do? And it is so obvious to you that they’re just not owning up to their part or taking any responsibility for their role in the story?

That’s a Responsibility core wound, my friend. It’s one of the most common core wounds I see in my work.

Generally speaking, an inability to take responsibility stems from a history of suppressing blame, shame, guilt and anger from experiences where you felt out of control, victimized and/or bullied. These often stem in childhood where emotionally unavailable parents tend to cross boundaries (because they can) without taking your personal needs, wants and feelings into account. As a result, you never learn to develop healthy boundaries, but rather learn how to suppress your own needs in order to make your behavior more acceptable and desirable to those around you. You quickly learn what makes others feel comfortable and you adapt your behavior to accommodate their needs above your own.

When your beliefs of being victimized, out of control and bullied are challenged, these suppressed feelings will bubble up to the surface. This is especially true when you’re being asked to step into your power, take control of a situation and confidently act on your own behalf. Because your subconscious beliefs tell you that it’s unsafe for you to step into your power because it will not be accepted, you will generally suppress your emotions until the need to be happy surpasses the need to please others.

The responsibility wound impacts the throat chakra. Every time you suppress your emotional needs, you are “swallowing” the ability to get those needs met. The unmet needs will remain lodged in the throat chakra, often developing recurring physical issues like thyroid imbalances, sore / strep throat, acid reflux, neck soreness and inflexibility, to name a few.

In inability to take responsibility is usually accompanied by denial. You’ll find it difficult to understand where you stand in relationships, you will not feel accepted for who you are and what you stand for — especially when it comes to honoring your truth.

It will seem easy to blame others, finger point and you’ll generally step back into the shadows when things are going wrong. A responsibility core wound makes you want to hide. You don’t want to face the music, or you genuinely feel that others are responsible or to blame for whatever it is that’s going wrong in your life.

Because you have spent much of your life honoring others and denying yourself, you’ll feel disconnected to yourself, not knowing who you are and what you want. It’s an aimless energy that will leave you feeling exhausted, fed up and frustrated with the status quo. This happens because you’re allowing the waves of the world to wash you from side to side, rather than you taking command of the ship and steering it to your destination. This is where your power lies.

A Responsibility wound is usually connected to a Lemurian Soul Tribe. If you don’t know about the Lemurians or the other Soul Tribes, take my free quiz to learn more right here. The Lemurian Soul Tribe often felt let down by humanity and as an incarnated soul, it means that you’ll want to throw your hands up in the air and give up often. Take the quiz to learn more about your Lemurian ancestry.      

If you have a responsibility core wound, you’ll resonate with most, if not all, of the following core wound phrases.

Responsibility Core Wound:

1.     I worry about being judged                                                   

2.     The thought of letting someone down is too much to bear 

3.     I worry excessively                                                                 

4.     I often feel overwhelmed so I procrastinate                        

5.     I avoid being seen because I’m afraid of success         

How did you rate with the statements above? Comment below and let me know if you have a responsibility core wound.

All my Love,