Atlantean SURVIVOR Archetype

In this video, i'm talking to you about the people that survived Atlantis' fall and the struggles you may experience in this life if you were a survivor.

Last week, I wrote about one of the two core wounds that you’ll resonate with if you’re from Atlantis. I wanted to expand on this topic because it’s important to share that this type of core wound is far-reaching and likely affecting multiple areas of your life. It’s not isolated, it’s part of your identity and if not addressed, it will leave you feeling like you’re running through an exit-less hamster wheel.

For this article, let’s focus on the first core wound. Take a deep breath with me! This may be triggering and it will likely bring up many memories from Atlantis, especially if you’ve been struggling with these feelings throughout your life.


Survivors witnessed the fall of Atlantis, the massive loss of life and the destruction of the most technologically advanced civilization that humanity has ever known.

Even the highest officials did not see the floods coming. It was minutes before the floods were detected and by then, it was far too late to repair the technology that could save all of the residents of Atlantis.

Atlanteans never anticipated needing a formal evacuation plan and although one existed, it was not designed to evacuate everyone in this short amount of time. There was not enough time for you to both save yourself and get home to save your loved ones. If you chose to go home, everyone would have died, including you. Many of the survivors were able to escape by embarking on flying ships that were able to quickly fly above the rising tides.

Survivors needed to make a judgment call about what to do and there was no easy choice. As a survivor, you may struggle to make decisions and with the idea of free will. You would prefer to defer life changing decisions to others because they feel daunting to you. No matter which choice you made in Atlantis, the lives of your friends and family would be lost. This left you feeling victimized and helpless, as if you had no valid choice.

Upon your escape, you witnessed the floods wash over Atlantis swallowing it whole. No one and nothing was spared. It was in this moment that you realized you just lost everything and everyone you love.

You may have made a promise to yourself to never love again, to avenge their deaths and see to it that it that Atlantis’ history never repeats itself.

The one thing that most, if not all, survivors struggle with is the soul-crushing regret that leaves you feeling that you can’t trust yourself with your decisions and a constant second guessing of your intuition.

If you can’t trust yourself, it means you struggle to trust others, maintaining a safe arms-length distance from anyone that tries to get close to you. You likely describe yourself a skeptic, but you truly do believe and have faith because you are always researching and curious about spirituality, healing and overcoming. There is something that keeps you coming back. It’s just buried under trauma and fear that you’ll suffer a life of pain. What you’ve been through has caused you to associate love with pain and that’s why you keep love at a safe distance.

If you lost children in Atlantis, you may have opted not to have children in this lifetime. Or you may have children that were unplanned.

Your core energy is rebellious. You struggle with being labeled and controlled.

You want to leave a legacy, to see humanity thrive in some way. To leave the planet better than it was when you arrived. There is a deep desire to save people and because of this, you probably attract a lot of people that need saving (especially of the opposite sex). It’s highly likely that you incarnated into a family that was largely emotionally unavailable to you. This was to help you re-claim your power.

It’s important to remember that even with a Survivor archetype, you will still feel victimized. There was no easy choice. You could have still opted to try to get to your family and either circumstances presented it, or you chose a different path.

You take power plays extremely serious. You may struggle controlling people and using your power in ways that manipulate others to get your way. You don’t appreciate people trying to control you either and if you’re experiencing this, it’s important to look at where you are trying to control others and where you may need to take control in your own life.

Control is just one aspect, the other is accountability and responsibility. Pay attention to all of the areas of your life where you are feeling victimized, as if you don’t have any control. We always have choice and if this pattern is repeating from Atlantis for you, now is your time to re-take your power and your decisions.

Rather than letting the decisions of the past haunt your present, it’s important to recognize that the past is the past and it cannot be changed. You did the best you could at the time with the circumstances that you were facing, just as everyone else did. At some point, Soul Contracts also came into place. Many of the Survivors were destined to survive because of the knowledge that would be passed on to Egypt and other critical locations throughout the world.

It’s time to heal this archetype and bring yourself into the powerful warrior archetype energy that counteracts your survivor archetype. This energy will help you take the next critical steps in your life, so you feel confident creating your legacy.

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And I’ll see you next week for a blog on the Atlantis Victim Archetype. Stay tuned! XOXO




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