Atlantean Templates are now activated

As I’m writing this, I’m hearing the squawk of a red-tailed hawk just outside my home. She’s been visiting us a lot lately and she always shows up as I’m being guided to write something that scares the shit out of me.

You wouldn’t think that something related to Atlantis would scare me, but it does.

I’ve often feared the judgement that may come from writing about a society that many don’t believe ever existed.


One day when I was about 7 years old, my brother and I were playing on the floor in our room and we both started talking about Atlantis. I’ll never forget it. We were just sitting there playing with He-Man and She-Ra toys. Yeah, remember those? :)

You may be thinking that my parents mentioned Atlantis and that’s where we heard it, but no, that isn’t the case. My parents don’t even believe Atlantis is real and if they do, they haven’t shared it with me. I promise you, no one on TV was talking about Atlantis either. We used to say things like, “Hey remember when…”?

We didn’t need a past life regression or hypnosis to tell us. We KNEW.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about Atlantis recently because I’ve been pivoting my business in a brand new direction. One that makes me justttt uncomfortable enough to want to quit.

I’m going to be talking a lot more about Atlantis and the other soul tribes that are such a pivotal part of humanities awakening at this time. There are 4 core soul tribes that comprise the majority of souls here on Earth and I think its about time we got to know them and ourselves more deeply.

They are you and you are them.

Your soul is other dimensional. It’s not human, it’s light and the question I want us to explore together in the coming months is… where am I from? Who am I REALLY?

But for today, I’d like to start with Atlantis and those of you that resonate with this archetype. If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to assume you had something to do with Atlantis.

Although I was not Atlantean, I spent so much time there that I believed whole-heartedly that I was Atlantean. I have a split Archetype, meaning I have 2 core archetypes that comprise my soul. More on that later.

Atlanteans struggle with some of the most deeply ingrained energetic templates that I’ve seen in this lifetime. It’s because the rise of Atlantis was so euphoric and the fall of Atlantis was so traumatic.

If you’re from Atlantis, you will resonate with one of these two core wounds…


If you survived Atlantis’ fall, you’ll struggle with survivors guilt, fear and trauma of losing those that you love and your home. In your life now, this will feel like a deep desire to help others, even when they don’t need or want your help. An even deeper desire to help heal aspects of humanity and the world at large. You’ll take power plays very seriously, are very ALL or NOTHING in mindset and will have difficulty receiving help from others. You typically take on too much and often feel burnt out because of it. You want to leave a legacy, so you have big dreams and even bigger goals.


If you perished during Atlantis’ fall, you’ll struggle with feeling overwhelmed and hyper sensitive. You will have a deeply rooted fear of abandonment, which causes you to push people away. You’re untrusting to the extend that people REALLY need to prove it to you if they want to be in your life. You keep your circle small and have difficulty making new friends and collaborating, even though you really want to. You often feel insignificant and therefore powerless to change things. You have big dreams and goals as well, but have trouble getting started or finishing. You put yourself down often, before others have a chance to.

You may experience one or more of these patterns throughout your life:

Unexplainable fear

Especially around taking responsibility. Full responsibility requires that you embrace your own inner power. Choosing not to embrace your inner power will mean that you keep yourself stuck, repeatedly making choices that you know are not good for you while resolving to change and “do it differently” next time. The cycle will continue repeatedly and you’ll have difficulty getting out.

Escape Route

Big events make you edgy, nervous. You’ll want to leave early to beat the traffic, stand near a door to leave quickly. Sitting in the middle of the action sounds like your worst nightmare. You’ll want to know where the exits are and be able to access them quickly.

Lack of Trust

People will need to show you they are trustworthy before you will trust them. Because of this, you’ll struggle to connect with people. This affects your inner circle as well as new people you meet. You will keep people at arms length until you feel that you really know them.

Second Guess Your Intuition

“What if” can be a blessing or a curse for you. If you find yourself feeling good and confident about your decisions, only to constantly second guess them, you’re probably from Atlantis. You’ll feel like you constantly lack clarity, or feel like you could’ve done something different. This is an ego trap that keeps you stuck in the past rather than addressing the core root of the issue.

Mistrust of Power / People in Position of Power

Whether its politicians, your spouse, government officials, laws or your boss at work… you cannot stand someone trying to impose their will on you. You believe that this is exactly what’s wrong with the world and act rebellious and unforgiving to anyone or anything that tries it with you.


Freedom is a core value to you. The only problem is, your freedom usually comes with a price and that price is loneliness. When freedom is a core value and you have difficulty trusting others, you’ll find it easier to be alone. Even if coupled, you may find that you butt heads often due to poor communication (on your end more than likely).

Issues with Accountability

Because many Atlanteans incarnated with feelings of guilt, you may be very sensitive to accusatory behavior or someone wanting to discuss something with you. If you feel backed into a corner, you’ll likely push back HARD because it contradicts your need to feel free at all times. You may even say to yourself, “I’ll leave before he / she does”.


You give until it actually costs you and it takes you a long time to realize that you’ve been in a dynamic where you’re not receiving as much as you’re giving. You give people the benefit of the doubt and often deny red flags when you see them upfront. You’ll often be hurt by the ones you care about most and you may find yourself attracting takers. They’re drawn to your light but you must leave them to embark on their own journey without needing to take on the struggle for them.

Now that the Atlantean Templates are activated, you’re probably working through one or more of these patterns at once. This is for you to heal them once and for all.

Atlanteans are Leaders that are here to assist with awakening and ascension. You are bringers of the Light and until you heal your own trauma, you will experience difficulty understanding yourself, trusting yourself and others and getting on with your bigger purpose.

I’m offering a limited number of Atlantis Discovery Sessions where we’ll journey back to your Atlantis lifetime and help you discover your TRUE purpose. This is a light remote-hypnosis session to help you see you re-experience your Atlantis lifetime and re-ignite your passion and purpose for being here right now. Book your session right here.

Which core wound did you resonate with and how many of the patterns are you experiencing out of the eight listed? Are you from Atlantis? Comment below and let me know!

All my Love,

p.s. It’s time that Atlanteans come together with the other Souls that are helping with the major awakening we’re experiencing.

I’ve created a brand new Facebook Group to bring us all together. Join us and find your tribe right here! It’s free!