What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic storehouse for every single thought, emotion and experience that occurs in the Universe. Also known as the Universal Library, the Akashic Records house all Soul Books. Soul Books store all information from the soul’s journey from the time it was created until the present moment. Each experience is immediately recorded in the Soul Book.


Our Creator created the Akashic Records in order to learn what we are experiencing and continue the process of creation. The records are for everyone. A soul, whether incarnated or not, can visit the records at any time to learn. Yes, you too, can access the Akashic Records right now to learn anything that you’d like.

What happens when we cross over

After we die, we meet with The Council. The Council is a group of Universal beings that meet us in the records and are responsible for our Lifetime Review. This is a review of the entire lifetime we just experienced in a slideshow format. With the Council, we review the lifetime and make adjustments to the lessons we will learn during our next lifetime. This review also includes an evaluation of whether we successfully learned the previous lessons.

Upon review of the lifetime, we utilize our free will to determine how and when we will repay Karma that we accumulated during the lifetime.

Doesn’t it make you think twice about how you are choosing to interact with people in your life?

Depending on the individual’s knowledge of Universal Laws and Principles, Karma is sometimes repaid immediately within the same lifetime. In other words, the more present you are with how you interact with yourself and others, you can make choices that are kind and compassionate, instead of choices that may set you up for karmic repayment.

Accessing the Records

We can always choose to access the records consciously while we are here in this lifetime. You may want to explore your past lifetimes, or even explore gifts that you haven't yet tapped into. The records can help you with all of this and are extremely gifted at helping us to delete energy that is holding us back in life. The power that is held within this space can be utilized to free us from the constraints that are keeping us from being our best selves.



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