Atlantis Questions? Answered.

Drum Roll please.

Due to overwhelming demand after my recent Atlantis blog post, a heavy dose of bitch slaps by Archangel Michael and lots of sparkly healing energy - I will be hosting a webcast guessed it. ATLANTIS! I'm answering YOUR questions LIVE. What's better than a webcast about Atlantis? I'll be selecting a few people to experience a healing, LIVE on the call. You'll see first hand how clearing this energy can bring miracles into your life immediately.

I made a super short video telling you what I need from YOU to make that happen. It's free, easy and will take you 2 seconds. Thanks for sharing this video and blog with your friends and network. It's going to take all of us to bring awareness to this very sensitive subject.

What do you want to know about Atlantis? Tell me in the comments below or on the youtube video comments. Can't wait!