Atlantis Ascension Symptoms

The word Atlantis is quickly becoming one of the most frequently used words in my vocabulary, after 1.5  years of clearing past life trauma related to the time I spent there. Yes, I was a resident of Atlantis and if you're reading this blog right now, I can almost guarantee that you were too. 


I was so triggered by the word Atlantis, that when it came time to clear trauma during my first past life regression, my energy spiked so high, skype shut down for 20 minutes and the practitioner and I couldn't get signed back online to complete the session. During my first session, I re-experienced that fateful day when millions of people perished in the most catastrophic death scene I have ever laid eyes on (and one I hope to never see again). I watched my husband protect our 2 boys from an inevitable drowning, while they screamed for me. I did not die on Atlantis but to this day I am releasing survivor's guilt from what I experienced. And i'm helping others move past their trauma, which we have all brought forward to clear in this current lifetime. There's an incredibly powerful reason for that, which i'll get to in another blog post.

When I mention Atlantis, I'm often met with the same resistance "Atlantis didn't exist." This couldn't be further from the truth. So if that is your belief, I recommend you stop reading now because I am about to trigger the hell out of you. 

Atlantis trauma is wide and deeply rooted (I see new symptoms every day so this list is definitely evolving). You have trauma from Atlantis if any of the following ring true for you:

You feel called to Greece (Santorini to be exact)
Atlantis was (and still is) located off the coast of Santorini.

You love everything about the water
You love the colors blue and white, love the sea or anything to do with it (mermaids, sea creatures, colors, salty sea, etc.), you're mostly at peace when you have your feet in the sand or in the ocean.

You love anything Atlantis related
You may not know why, but you are obsessed with the thought of Atlantis, have read countless books, done research, compared notes and maybe even meditated on it. Somewhere along the lines, you realized that the complete story has yet to be told.

You are fascinated with scientific developments and new technology BUT you find it upsetting when nature is being manipulated
You're all for new technology to make life easier, but there's a sneaking suspicion about your rights being infringed, you being watched or your livelihood being tampered with.

You have issues with government or any large institutions
You have a very low tolerance for injustice, dishonesty and misuse of power in government and religious institutions. In fact, you may be hard core PRO or CON Democrat, Republican, Vaccines, GMOs - you name it! You're willing to fight tooth and nail for your side. 

You are suspicious of any laws/rules that restrict your freedoms in ANY way
Simply put, you want to be 100% free, and you hate puppet strings. You want it laid out in plain English with no fast talking. Your bullshit meter is really sharp. You believe in truth & justice and will fight for your freedoms.

You feel that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You need to SAVE the world!
Atlanteans were caught off guard on their final day and had no time to process what was happening, rendering them powerless to change it. This collective trauma was so great, it was imprinted into the soul at the deepest levels. Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain are representative of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or wanting to save the world. Once this belief is released from your body, you will more clearly understand why you're here and what your path is.

You feel lost, betrayed, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, anger, frustration, helpless, hopeless, triggered, negative or you cry at any moment
When Atlantis trauma is running rampant in your life, you will not respect another's opinions because yours is more important (ie., Democrat vs Republican). You may want to argue your point with judgment. You "know" something is right or wrong and will drive that point home. You may not see the truth in a situation, responding blindly based on your own conditioning or beliefs. You feel profound feelings (as listed above) that seem to have no root cause in your present day life but you've had them "as long as you can remember".

You have knowledge or passions that you have no formal training in
Those are your gifts waiting to rise up. For instance, one day someone asked me about Atlantis and I opened my mouth and told them the entire story of what happened. I didn't read or learn about it anywhere. Maybe you know about universal laws, numerology or the moon cycles. Trace it back to your passions and you'll find the answers you seek.

I thought it was important to share my experience with you for one very important reason - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The Atlanteans that perished that fateful day are back, here on Earth, wanting to clear the trauma relating to that day for the betterment of the entire planet. Fortunately, there are lot of people here to help now. A future blog post will detail the steps you can take to start releasing some of this trauma and moving forward in your life. 

I'd love to hear about any of the symptoms that you're experiencing in the comments. 

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