Floating with your Angels (and why it works)

Courtesy google images. This is the design of the tank I entered (not the exact tank itself)

Courtesy google images. This is the design of the tank I entered (not the exact tank itself)

If you’ve ever heard of floating, you may have raised one or maybe both eyebrows. You enter an isolation tank or pod filled with water that is the temperature of the skin, approximately 93.5 degrees with anywhere from 800-1000 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in it and you float for an hour or more. Once inside with the door closed and ear plugs in, you lay back for a completely profound experience and one that we only enter twice each day, the moment right before we fall asleep and the moment right before we wake up – theta trance. Theta is the deepest trance state in hypnosis and one that most hypnotherapists won’t work within because the results are often unexplainable.

As a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, I have experience working within Theta and was looking forward to floating once I heard that floating induces a theta state. While in theta, we’re able to connect with the Superconscious to request healing for the physical body and get any questions answered. This is like getting a healing directly from your soul. Since I only experience hypnosis once or twice a year and I needed some healing and guidance right now, I jumped at the chance to float.

I walked into my session optimistic but a little nervous. My biggest and silliest fear was that there was a lock on the tank door. Fortunately, there wasn’t. All tank centers request that you shower thoroughly on site before and after your session and they highly recommend floating in the nude. Hey, who am I to protest? The massive amounts of Epsom salt in the water neutralize any potential hygiene issues.

Knowing that this was my opportunity to heal and receive guidance, I stood in silence for a moment before entering the tank and set the following intention, “Universe and Angels, please balance any imbalances in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and provide me with great clarity. You have my permission to clear anything that isn’t serving my highest and best interest.”

I entered the tank and the water was very warm and inviting. Once I settled into the tank, laid back and turned off the night light, the pitch black darkness swept over me like the lid of a coffin. My mind was running rampant with a million thoughts, “What if the door doesn’t open?”, “What if your body goes numb and you can’t get out?”, “What if you fall asleep and drown?”, “What if they lock you in?”, “What if there’s an earthquake and something falls on the door preventing you from getting out?”and “I can’t breathe” were a few of the more interesting ones. Floating turned out to be the best ego trigger mechanism I’ve discovered to date! I rebuffed every thought with the same response, “I’ll be fine. Angels, please help me be at peace.” In this way, I’m not only addressing my mind and validating its concerns, but I’m asking for calming assistance.

My mind fought me tooth and nail for the first 15 minutes, but each time I felt resistance, I made it a point to breathe and continue giving myself permission to enjoy the moment. Shortly thereafter my body naturally fell into a state of suspended awareness. The water made it very difficult to do anything but sit back and relax. If I did move or twinge, it felt like somebody jolted me out of a deep sleep by poking me with their index finger.

Once I felt confident that no natural disasters were going to interrupt my session, I completely let go and this is when the real healing began. When the conscious mind has no external stimuli, it simply quiets down. This is a state of complete non-resistance, known in Spiritual Law as, you guessed it, the Law of Non Resistance. The Law of Non Resistance states that which we resist, persists. Let me give you an example of this law in action. I had booked my floating session for the day prior but when I showed up, there was no one to do the session. My reservation hadn’t been received, so I was rescheduled for the following day. The same night of the original session, I had a healing session booked with a friend of mine. We located a belief that I had about “lack of trust” in the Universe. Because I faced my fear and booked the float, the Universe canceled my session and scheduled it after my friend and I cleared the belief. This is the Law of Non Resistance. When I faced my fear, I had nothing to fear and had an amazing session.

Then during my session, as different fears cropped up, I again faced them. If I had allowed my mind to control the session, it surely would have sent me out of the room screaming never to return. Instead, I chose to trust and release slowly as I felt comfortable and continued asking for guidance and protection. I didn’t judge myself for my thoughts or emotions, I simply gave myself permission to enjoy the healing that was taking place. At some point during the float, I lost track of my own breath, but I knew that was safe and still alive. It’s almost as if the water took over the breathing for me and it was a very comfortable and safe feeling.

But here’s why it works!

When you completely let go, and relax in the water, there is NO resistance. Once there is no resistance and your conscious mind isn’t in the way, with your permission, your Angels and the Universe take over and heal you! YAHOO! What more can we ask for, right?

I again asked my Angels, Guides and the Universe to heal me. What I experienced a moment later is the reason that I call this experience profound. I felt energy shoot up and down my body in all directions and the entire front of my body warmed up at least 10 degrees, maybe more. I know this to be a balancing of all chakra centers. I actually felt a little sore when I exited the tank, feeling as though I had a deep tissue massage. My energy levels sky rocketed and I left with a clear mind and a solid picture of the next steps I was to take in my life and business. The best part? There were concerns that I had in my personal life when I walked into the session that suddenly seemed minuscule when I exited. It was phenomenal. On a business note, I had been feeling stuck with my next steps and not knowing how to proceed. Between the healing session with my friend and the float, I have clarity beyond belief. I know where I’m headed, how to get there and have motivation and business ideas flooding my mind. The same day of the float, another friend asked if I’d be offering a course soon and completely validated the thoughts I had that very same day! What a great example of the Universe validating my next steps!

I’m publishing this blog post 26 hours after my float ended, and I can tell you confidently that I woke up after 10 hours of sleep feeling great and my skin tone is completely balanced. My face had been breaking out for a few weeks and those blemishes are gone, after just one float. I’m admittedly, horrible at drinking water consistently and since floating I’ve had 8 glasses or more! Plus, my desire for sweets or junk food is GONE. There’s one thing I won’t miss. ;)

Even if you aren’t accustomed to calling on your Angels and Guides in your day to day life, I would recommend a floating session to get in touch. Even for a seasoned meditator, it’s difficult to attain theta trance for extended periods of time during meditation. This theta trance state and weightless sensation is the closest thing to an altered state of consciousness that I’ve experienced and I will be returning once a month to experience the benefits.

If you enjoy my blog posts, i'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! Have you tried floating or are you inspired to? Do tell!