7 things I know to be true about Angels

Back when I first heard Archangel Michael on January 1, 2014, I have to admit, I couldn’t believe my own ears. I was so bewildered at the thought of actually hearing the Angels. Like many, I grew up in a religious household and was often at church on Sunday. We never learned that we could actually communicate with Angels. I spent the remainder of this year unlearning beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that resonated deep within my soul as the truth. Each time I went through this process, I heard the Angels louder and more clearly.

I learned a lot from the Angels this year and I’m so happy and grateful that I get to share it with you!

Here are the top 7 things I know to be true about the Angels.

They work for us
Angels have the ability to see everyone and everything simultaneously, including the divine life plan that we set out to achieve. There are no better light beings to call on if you need guidance, help or a miracle. They see, hear and know it all, even when it seems elusive to us. Their single most important role is to help US achieve our life mission. Here’s an affirmation that you can use to ask for their help: “Angels, please assist me with (fill in the blank). Please send me a physical world sign that you heard and are answering my prayer. And so it is. Thank you.” This gives your Angels permission to assist you, which is crucial since they can’t go against our free will. Be sure to pay attention to signs and synchronicities.

They get mad, when necessary
I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Archangel Michael light his wings on fire to get my attention. Granted, its white light, but still… mission accomplished. In order to get past the Ego, Angels need to take drastic measures to get our attention. Even if you don’t hear or see Angels, you’ll still experience the Angel signs. Repeating number sequences such as 555 and colors or sparkles with no logical origin are two examples. If you’re thinking of the same thing over and over again or waking up between 2-4 a.m., this is also Angels trying to get through to you. The Angels love waking us up in the middle of the night to update us. You can avoid this by meditating during the day to consciously connect within and jot down any insights that you receive.

They never give up on us
And I mean never! No matter what setbacks we experience or frustration we feel, the Angels never stop healing, helping and guiding us. In fact, any time we experience a setback, there is always an equal or better option right in front of us. The issue is that we’re usually stuck in the past by mourning the setback. Here’s an affirmation to help you move forward: “Dear Angels, please help me move forward and heal from (fill in the blank) so that I may continue to be of service to myself and others. And so it is. Thank you.”

They Love us unconditionally
Angels are the unlimited source of unconditional love, light and truth. In those moments when we need a boost of faith, it’s ok to lean on them and borrow their unwavering faith. Complaining, anger, frustration and sadness are as normal as joy, bliss and laughter. Express all emotions without judgment. Get them up and out, just don’t dwell in the negativity. Here’s an affirmation to use if you need a boost of faith: “Dear Angels, please help boost my faith so that I can trust in and experience miracles. And so it is. Thank you.”

Angels celebrate successes and failures
Angels love it when we think we failed [cue angel laughter]. They laugh because they see us at a Soul level and everything that we’re capable of. The bottom line is that we’ve had thousands of lifetimes where you’ve already experienced this same challenge. It’s a matter of remembering that we’re as powerful as our Source, because we are Source. I’ve heard from the Angels many times that it’s important to try what feels good and see what sticks. If you feel you’ve failed, it’s only because you have conditioning that tells you it was a failure. If you learn from it, celebrate it as a success! If you need help, here’s an affirmation: “Dear Angels, please send me divine guidance for the next steps on my divine life path. I need your help and physical world signs about how to proceed. ” p.s. Be open to this answer being different than what you had intended. Sometimes resting is the next step.

They answer every thought
This may sound invasive, but yes, the Angels can hear everything we’re thinking. And that’s a good thing because we’re often stuck in negative cycles and victim mentality. Fortunately, we have the Angels on our side helping us to shift any thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving our best interest. I always tell people that every thought is a prayer, so be careful what you think about. The quickest way to shift things that aren’t working in your life is to meet the Angels half way and shift your thoughts to more positive, encouraging and uplifting ones.

They make shit happen
Angels are badass. Point blank. When we need something, they know how to get it to us in a creative way that makes everyone happy. In other words, Angels are the epitome of collaboration and synergy. Now that’s what I call a win win situation! Here’s a great affirmation to get their help with making things happen: “Dear Angels, please help me with a resolution to this situation that serves the highest and best interest of everyone involved. And so it is. Thank you.”

I'd love to hear about your experiences with answered prayers, divine guidance and any awesome angel stories you have in the comments below. I'm always curious to know all the ways that prayers are answered. 

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