Dear 2015...


Photo by  Meredith B. Albuquerque, New Mexico on December 31, 2015.

Photo by  Meredith B. Albuquerque, New Mexico on December 31, 2015.


**One of my amazing clients shared the above photos with me. Quite fitting that she'd see an Angel looking through a book. This is no doubt her soul book because you can clearly see energy releasing from it. And there was a rainbow within the Angelic cloud! Absolutely magical.

As I sat down to reflect on this 31st day of the last month of the year - New Year's Eve 2015, I found myself feeling incredibly grateful but also profoundly raw.

2015 was the most difficult and the most gratifying year. It was a complete paradox and one for the record books. For me, those record books are the Akashic Records. I can imagine that God / Universe has learned quite a bit from us this year.

2015 was my second year in business. In fact, January 1, 2016 marks two years to the day that I heard Archangel Michael speak to me for the first time. He has had his hands full with me and I with him. He's been my accountability partner, biggest cheerleader and the most direct and honest friend I've ever had. I can always count on him for a reality slap.

My first year in business, I found myself un-learning everything that I had learned in my first 32 years of life. Not a small task but very enlightening. While un-learning, I was also taking in massive amounts of information from Michael and had joined Kinesiology school, which had me flying to New Mexico once a month for the first 6 months of 2014. This was my first real exposure to the world of complementary healing techniques and I loved it. That same year, I spent hundreds of hours reading about self improvement and also learning from the Akashic Records. What I learned in July of 2014 with the records is now the basis of my work and continues to help hundreds of people each year up-level their own lives.

2015 has been a rocky year. Am I right?

The Universe pulled out all the stops to ensure that I was aligning with my true, authentic calling. That IS what I affirmed I wanted, after all. ;) I could go on for days telling you all about the amazing things that happened and the things that didn't quite work out in 2015, but I wanted to focus on the biggest lessons, in hopes that it may help you too. 

Here are my biggest lessons of 2015...

Trust your own intuition

Honey, if you don't, you leave yourself wide open for people that are not YOU to tell you how to live your life. And trust me, I've been there - almost ALL of 2015 was like that for me. From February - September, I sought expertise outside of myself because I carried beliefs that I needed others to tune into my intuition for me. Those beliefs stemmed from when I was new on the spiritual path and people advised me that it was normal for us to block out our OWN guidance. I bought it hook, line and sinker. It isn't true. That belief in and of itself was a block. I know that now and am better off for it. Once I realized it and deleted it, I was able to tune into my guidance much more clearly and re-align my life path to its correct direction. Booyah!

No one else can make you happy

Only you can. So, do whatever it takes to bring a state of blissful peace and happiness to your life. If this is more self care, more frequent vacations or more self improvement, just do it. No justification needed - other than your own happiness. I never used to believe this but one day I saw a vision of myself on my death bed - and I had a thousand regrets flood my awareness. I remember feeling that there were SO many things I wanted to do and that fear had stopped me. This vision changed my life (and it was only recently!). Don't stop and do whatever it takes with love, kindness and compassion to bring more happiness into your life. The Universe will meet you half way.

Control serves no one

When we try to control situations, we tie the Universe's invisible hands. We have free will, per Universal Law. We can exercise that free will any time we like OR we can surrender control to the Universe and live beyond our wildest dreams. I always remind my clients that our neck can only help us look so high, so low and so far right and left. But, the Universe is watching and orchestrating everything from above us with a rock solid, unwavering intention of unconditional love. What more can you ask for?

Beliefs will make or break you

At some point, I'd love to create a video of how many beliefs I release in a single year, just for the heck of it. It is in the THOUSANDS. And each time, my energy shifts and I'm able to create, be and do more. Beliefs will make or break you. Whether its a belief of how much money you can make, or how much you can achieve as a single mom or what you deserve in terms of a spouse, your belief system will precisely direct the entire Universe to provide you what you believe. Simply take stock of your surroundings to see your beliefs reflected all around you, like a mirror. 

Self Care is everything!

Oh my goodness - I learned this lesson in some difficult ways this year. Spiritual - or not - burnout is not fun. It affects energy levels and the ability to connect with your own intuition and spirit guides. As I was creating my intention list for 2016, the first category that I wrote down was SELF CARE. There was no self care category on my list from last year :) Self care includes things like regular massages, acupuncture, pedicures, walks in nature, uninterrupted meditation time and fun activities - and so many more that mean something to us as individuals. Make it a priority and your life will expand in amazing ways.

Contraction is as equally important as Expansion

This is the single biggest resistance I see in my work. It's so easy to forget that after a huge expansion, like hitting our revenue goal for the money or even launching a new program, our body, mind and spirit need time to contract. Contraction is rest and integration, a crucial period for everything to play catch up. The contraction period may happen with grace and ease, if we allow it or it may happen forcibly. Typically, you'll see this happen if you haven't consciously taken some time to rest and you may see a decline in your client load or a slow down in your money, or your friends may not be available to get together. Rest rest rest.

Divine Alignment is real

Divine Alignment is the concept that the Universe's plan is greater than the one we have envisioned for ourselves and that it is all perfectly orchestrated for our highest benefit based on the energy of unconditional love. It requires complete faith and trust without seeing the end result of where we are headed or what is going to happen. It requires stepping onto the river before seeing the stone appear under your foot. And its real. Every single time in 2015 that I asked the Universe to "take the wheel" as I call it, I watched from the sidelines as things and people that I held near and ear to my heart fell away, bit by bit and piece by piece. It was heart wrenching at times. I allowed it to tear me apart for maybe 6 months before I decided to mourn the loss and move on with my life, step by step with gratitude and forgiveness in my heart. Once I was fully healed from each situation, I was blessed with a new experience or person beyond my wildest dreams. I shudder to think what my life would be like now, if I hadn't asked the Universe to take the wheel.

Angels appear in all shapes, sizes and forms

I learned to ask for and receive help this year. There were some days when I really needed it. And other days when I ran to help someone else and pay it forward. I've learned that other than our celestial helpers on the other side, Angels come in the form of friends, partners, business associates, clients, family, children, animals and strangers that maybe just smile at us on the street when we need it most. Angel signs are all around us, just opening our eyes to the beauty all around us will bring it much closer. 

Always follow your heart - mine led me to Santorini, Greece

My heart + Michael asked me to visit Santorini, Greece in September of 2015 and I listened. I spent 20 glorious days on the island, after extending my trip 10 full days. I was cared for by Irene, she took me in, literally and allowed me to extend my stay. We even went to dinner together and sat out on the patio and talked throughout the day. It was amazing and a trip i'll never forget. Long before I booked the trip, I knew I would be processing some heavy energy while I was there. It was much heavier than I ever had imagined. Instead of working (the unstable internet connection made that nearly impossible), I rested, swam, sat in the sun, ate nourishing foods and slept long and hard. That proved to be worth its weight in gold. I  felt amazing, released a lot of weight, took in the amazing sun and sea and felt rejuvenated when I returned home. It shifted the course of my path in profound ways, some of which I'm still working through. I'm sharing this because following your heart is the single most important thing you can do to bring happiness into your life. And we all deserve that.

In order to process the many energetic alignments that we experienced in 2015, I will be taking a small break from social media and the newsletter throughout January. I can't wait to update you when I return. Until then...

I'm wishing you an amazing 2016 filled with love and countless blessings, expressions of gratitude in a multitude of ways and glitter-filled days dotted with rainbows of happiness that bring tears to your eyes and fill your heart with love.



What are your current year's biggest lesson so far? let's connect on the comment section!