Why you only need to pray once

I've been hearing from a lot of people lately that the Universe (or God) doesn't answer their prayers. It always stops me in my tracks because i'm well aware that all prayers are answered. In fact, there is an entire divine team addressing prayer requests. And every prayer is answered. Before you remind me that you haven't yet won the lotto, stick with me for a moment.

So, I started to ask questions when I heard these statements made and compiled a handy list of the most common reasons that people feel their prayers aren't being addressed and what you can do to start recognizing your answered prayers.

  1. You told the universe how to deliver your prayer to you. 
    In other words, you said, "I want to win the lotto" or "I need more clients to pay the bills this month", instead of "I need help with my finances." See the difference? In example one, you are telling the Universe how to deliver the answered prayer to you. That doesn't work because you're limiting the miraculous ways in which you may receive your blessing. Don't forget, the Universe is unlimited and can orchestrate a miracle that you never dreamed possible. Give them freedom to do that by surrendering expectation. Allow them to blow your mind.
  2. You're "looking" for it in only one way.
    Similar to number one. You asked for it in a specific way so you're expecting it to be delivered a certain way. Remove the blinders, babe! Release expectation of the way in which your prayer will be answered and then open your eyes and your heart. Pay attention to all the ways in which you're being sent signs. This may be through repeating number sequences, colors, conversations, tv commercials, dreams... you name it. Think bigger. Say this to help you out, "Universe, please send me a physical world sign that you heard and are answering my prayer. Thank you." Then, pay attention. ;)
  3. Pray once, then let it go.
    Pray once, trust that you've been heard and wait for a sign. Humans don't really like sitting on their hands, but this is a key to manifestation. TRUST that you've been heard, ASK for a sign, PAY attention, ACT when you feel guided. For example, let's say you ask for guidance on healing a family dispute, but you don't know how to proceed. The next day, you see a commercial on tv about forgiveness. That's a sign. But let's say you miss it and the person you're in the dispute with extends an olive branch, but you ignore the call because you're angry. You just missed another sign. So, the signs get louder. The next day, someone that is aware of the dispute asks if you've heard from the person that you're angry with. See what I mean? They'll get louder and more obnoxious if you ask for help but are ignoring the signs. If you're thinking that you need to pray constantly to receive help, i'm here to tell you that's horse shit. Pray once, then listen to the signs. Mission accomplished, you badass.
  4. God doesn't hear me, too busy to help me, i'm unloved..
    Not so. Can you imagine your own child saying that to you? God/Universe loves you more than you can fathom on this 3d existence we call Earth. Release the fear that you're all alone here by saying, "I am loved infinitely by the Universe above and beyond what I can comprehend with my human senses. I have my own team of angelic supporters standing by and I accept help now."
  5. "I don't know what to do."
    Stop saying this! I say that with the most love I can possibly send to you. You're an infinite being and this statement is highly unempowering. You had thousands of lives before this one where you dealt with (and survived) issues way greater than what you're currently working through. Cultivate and bring forward the divine knowledge with the following super empowering affirmation: "I have all I need within me and I now call forward divine knowledge from my soul book to assist me with (fill in the blank). Please send me a physical world sign to assist me in recognizing my blessing."

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment with which of these resonate for you. 

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