A crazy ass bird delivered an important message

Yesterday I was sitting at my favorite park, with the gorgeous water right in front of me. I went there to gain some clarity and meditate in nature. I wasn't there long before a daredevil bird crossed my path. There's a short video below that talks more about that.

I've only just started paying attention to messages that get delivered through animals, but it has been an awesome experience so far. This bird was the only one out of about 100 birds, that was flying and plopping itself onto the water, rising back up to plop again a few seconds later. 

Daredevil bird. Not caring who is watching, whether he's doing it right or looking behind for validation.

I learned a lot from this bird.

  • Have more fun!
  • As long as you're happy doing what you're doing, no one else matters.
  • Enjoy the ride.
  • SOAR! Dream bigger.
  • Stop looking for outside validation. What you need is within.
  • Trust your "wings". Since your success is based on what's within you, there is no way that you can fail.

You see that black dot? That's the same bird.

The biggest thing that I heard from Archangel Michael was this (unedited):

"Like the animals, know what you need to do innately and do it. No questions. It's in your nature to just do it. In all things."

In other words, I was told to stop second guessing myself because I already know what I need to do... and he's 100% right. 

When we second guess, we allow Ego to take over our lives, dictating that we can't do something because of A, B, C. Ego's job is to protect us, yes, but it does not understand the Divine plan for our lives. So instead of supporting us, it will talk about all the reasons that this could go wrong and unlovingly remind you of where you've gone wrong in the past. No cool! There are no mistakes, just learning experiences. Every time you learn, you get closer to your goal and more in alignment with your path.

I'll be scheduling more self care time for myself and that includes large amounts of PLAY. What have you heard or seen lately that may have been divine guidance? I would love to hear from you. Share them on the comments section! 

PS. Here's the cloud with the heart dead center in the middle. How cool, right?!