A crash course in Angel Signs

There are days when we don't really hear our Angels or have faith that they're hearing us. Today was that day for me. This morning, I completely gave up on my path and screamed, "I refuse to struggle on my path!" into the bathroom mirror while crying in complete frustration. I told my Angels to take a long hike off a short pier because I had done everything that they asked of me and am still struggling. Not cool.

Presumably, if we are on path, we should have everything fall into place in an easy an effortless way and yes it does. But when you do something as powerful as make an intention, your ego gets scared of 'change' and pulls out all the stops to remind you that you may fail. What if I don't make it? What if I fail and everyone laughs at me? What if it costs too much? I can't do it, so never mind <cue ego maniacal laughter>.

What if I tell Ego to take a long hike off a short pier instead?

The benefit of having your ego mind do this is that you have a chance to look at it as an observer. Step outside of yourself and see what isn't working. Are any of these limiting beliefs serving you in a positive way? If not, its time for some extreme healing. Hanging on to them isn't doing you any favors, its only giving you a reason to keep yourself small.

Growing pains are painful for one reason. We have expectations of how things should be, instead of going with the flow and trusting in a higher intelligence at work. 

So what happened to me when I asked my angels to KISS OFF today?

I made you a short video with the details. If you think you don't see or understand Angel Signs, you'll want to check it out. XOXO!

PS. here are the songs that I mention in the video.

Reassuring me that I'm going to make it and reminding me to keep going:
I will Survive

Reminding me that I AM loved. 
Now that we found love

Reminding me to stay positive + I'm the only one standing in my way. Asking me to make a decision about what I want.
Perfect Day

Reminding me that I can have it ALL if I follow my passion.

Move forward, the time is NOW to follow my passion. I'm ready, supported, loved. Oh and not to take myself so seriously. :)
I'm yours


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