Week of 9/15/14 - Earth + Atlantis

Yea yea I can already hear the ho hum's about Atlantis being real. I'm not here to convince anyone that what i'm saying is the truth. I am here, however, to tell you what I see as a clairvoyant Angelic Badass and Akashic Healer. When you believe in the divine realm, whether that's God, Angels, Universe, Ascended Masters or Source, scientific validation is irrelevant. 

Here's what's going on the week of September 15, 2014

Earth has intentionally started spinning more quickly and that will continue throughout this week, for 2 reasons.

  1. Mama Earth's temperature is too high which is causing the oceans to rise higher than they should be at this time. If you've been aware of the crazy ass weather all over the world, you know what i'm talking about. Either there is extreme heat or massive storms. This is obviously, not normal.
  2. The Earth spinning more quickly is to help you more easily clear Atlantis trauma that is coming up this week. Keep reading...

I can only comment on what the Akashic Records tell me relating to Atlantis and what I see for myself. This week, all 200, 000 souls that passed during the fall of Atlantis will have an opportunity to clear the trauma from that event. And yes, most of us from Atlantis (if not all) are incarnated here and now (including me)! Here's what will be happening this week to help the trauma clear from the conscious awareness of each soul that departed that fateful day.

  1. The souls are being held and supported in the Divine white light of truth. Imagine 200, 000 souls standing on a white blanket, safe and secure.
  2. Source / God / Universe infused the entire grid and every soul with gold light, pure source energy. What this means for everyone is that you can expect "Beautiful Triggers". Instead of triggers that initiate resistance, your triggers this week will slip away peacefully. You'll more easily realize that you don't want to hold on to that trigger anymore and you will choose to let it go. "I'm tired of dealing with this over and over so i'm letting it go" will be the theme of the week.
  3. The entire grid was lit up in pink light, unconditional love. This is something that I personally worked on. You'll find this week that you're more easily able to accept others for who they are, your tasks are getting done more easily and you're more able to start and finish projects. Things that were triggering you last week are no longer triggering you. If you are still triggered, it will seem far less severe.

There is a deep resonance that we belong to something bigger and greater than we even realize. When you hurt yourself, you hurt others. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. Community, love, eternal love and resonance will be large this week. Large and in charge. Be in tune with how you feel about yourself, the world, and everything you see around you. We are all the same.

The best way to handle the energy shifts is to remain centered and peaceful throughout your day. Take a moment before you respond and listen with the intent to understand instead of the intent to respond. This small shift in your energy and dealings with people will bring swift changes to your life this week. The more you can take a peaceful stance, the happier you and everyone around you will be. Remember that everyone is dealing with the same energy changes, and be aware that as you respond with peace, you inspire others to do the same.

Have a beautiful week!

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