Applied Kinesiology Training - Week 1!

My first morning waking up in Albuquerque!

My applied kinesiology school is in Albuquerque, New Mexico... home of the amazing balloons and the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. If you haven't been there, highly recommend! I always meet such nice people when I'm there. Training (week 1) started in January and its been incredibly busy, so apologies for this late post! I'll be catching up this week.

I'm consistently amazed at the techniques and skills I obtain during my training. Now more than ever, I'm convinced that applied kinesiology needs to be applied to life in every way possible. In fact, the techniques are so versatile, that is not a lofty unattainable goal. Anything happening in your body can be evaluated through muscle testing.

In week 1, I learned the basics of applied kinesiology and how to test myself and others. Knowing how to assess an imbalance and get to the root of the issue, allows a practitioner complete flexibility in treating the actual cause of the imbalance. The focus is on prevention.

I have learned how to locate the first priorities that the body would like to work on, how to evaluate the type of therapy needed and how to dose supplements (if needed). But one of my favorite techniques so far is a crucial requirement of muscle testing... how to verify whether a supplement, food, experience is safe and beneficial for you. Something may test as safe and beneficial for a friend but may not be safe or beneficial for you. That's what is SO amazing about this process!

YOUR body is like no one else's in the world...

Muscle testing is the process of evaluating your particular body, what it needs and what's going to help it work better so that you can be healthier, live longer and prosper!

What do you have to lose?