Water Crystal Experiments - Masaru Emoto

Water Crystal Experiments by Masaru Emoto

In 1994, Masaru Emoto and team worked tirelessly to photograph frozen water samples to see if any water crystals would be visible. After much trial and error, they determined that tap water was not yielding any crystals. The crystals were only visible if the samples were collected from river and lake water.

The team moved forward with a before picture which represented the water as it was collected from its original location. The after picture, however, is quite shocking. Their research shows that exposing the water to different words, music, pictures and prayer yields drastically different results.

The following image was photographed when the team spoke the words

"You disgust me" to the water.

You disgust me

The following image was photographed when the team spoke the words

"Thank you" to the water.

Thank you

The following water sample was collected before the Buddhist prayer was offered at Fujiwara dam.

before buddhist prayer.jpg

The following water sample was photographed after the water was offered a Buddhist prayer at Fujiwara dam

It's clear from these experiments that everything carries a vibration and that vibration can be shifted immediately with Love and Gratitude. In every case of their experiments the water crystals always formed beautifully when kindness and love were the focal points of the message or image that the water was exposed to.

It's easy to dismiss this as not authentic imagery and trust me, I tried to find every excuse not to believe in this experiment. A few years ago, when I heard of this experiment, I decided I was going to experiment with love and gratitude as my focal point.

What I experienced shocks me to this day. Ordinarily, if someone took something out on me, I would respond with anger and frustration -- letting them know who's boss! This time, I responded with compassion and said 'I understand'. Not only did people immediately calm down, they apologized and explained to me (without me requesting it!) and explained their position from a different place. Good talks followed, friendships bloomed and relationships lifted to place of love. My life was not the same after this.

Operating from a position of love and gratitude in my every day life has made every difference in my relationships. I stopped expecting others to change for me, and instead I changed myself. I do my best to accept people for who they are while not sacrificing any parts of myself in the process. Making this decision takes the pressure off of expecting people to behave a certain way and leaves me at peace by limiting any conflict.

You can read more about the water crystal experiments here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories pertaining to this experiment and life changes that you've made.

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