An Archangel Blessing for this weeks Full Moon...

Welcome to another episode of Atlantis, Earth and lots of Angels - in the Akashic Records!

But seriously...

Love is the key to all Earth drama.
— Akashic Record Guides

I asked the guides what this meant and was told that instead of sending fear, loathing and anger into situations that are happening on Earth, Love is the key.

What does it mean to "send love"?

It means that instead of focusing on the negativity, you look for the good and the light in every situation. There IS light in every situation. Seeing it requires that you release expectation of only certain responses and actions being "right". This is about being centered in yourself and standing outside of your own emotions to view it from a place of love instead of fear, control, anger and opinions. Nothing makes you right and somebody else wrong. This is a matter of perception based on conditioning that you picked up throughout your life that has led you to form certain opinions. To send love first requires that you look at your own reaction to the situation from a place of non judgment. Realize that your reaction is based on your own life circumstances, conditioning and traumas.

And as long as we have this Earthly tug of war with people that are the same as us, the world will not find peace. This is about collaboration, not about competition. This is about working together to bring peace to a situation. This is about honesty and justice based on fairness and equality for ALL members of the Universe. Just as you would stand up for a child, or an animal, would you stand up for a politician or someone who wronged you? If not, why? Look at it this way. If you knew that every time you were cruel, judgmental or hurtful to someone else, you would lose $500 out of your bank account... would you still do it? I bet not.

But the thing is...

You DO lose every time you treat someone in an unloving way. You personally attract the Karma from the cruel word, act, thought or deed because once its out in the Universe, the Universe sends you more of it. The more you send it out, the more you receive. This is not to hurt you, this is just what the Universe thinks you want because its where you are focusing your energy.

Every situation in your life is a mirror for what is going on within you. If you are lacking money, which part of you feels like you don't deserve it, or you aren't lucky or you are not favored by God or the Universe? Those untruths are destroying your life.

We are quickly approaching a Full Moon this Wednesday. The records and Angels tell me that this is a great time to SURRENDER. Oh, the dreaded S word. When they first started saying it to me, I was furious to say the least. Surrender doesn't feel freeing to many, it feels restrictive. Many seem to think that they're in control of their lives, and while you *do* have free will choices for your path, the end result has already been decided by you, in the records. So, your free will choices could take you down the path of least resistance or the path of most resistance. Which would you prefer?

Here's what you can do to navigate the intense energy this week:

  • Send Love. See something you don't like online, news, world or in your life? Send Love instead of anger, fear or control. Step outside of yourself and realize that this has nothing to do with you. Ask yourself, "Why am I experiencing this right now?" and write down what answer you hear. Every situation is a mirror for our own inner beliefs and traumas that need healing. If all else fails, step away to stay centered in peace.
  • Release Fear & Control. Realize that you cannot control any situation, you can only control your own RE-actions to things. The tighter that you hold on to a situation, person, material item, relationship, fear or drama, you effectively bring more of it towards you! This is the law of attraction and i'm going to explain it in really simple terms.

Every THOUGHT is a prayer. Every spoken WORD is a prayer.
Every Prayer is answered.

The Universe doesn't understand the difference between sarcasm and sincerity. If you say, "I hate this job, I wish they'd fire me". Guess what, you just the the Universe a direct order.

Recently, I asked the Universe for guidance on where to move then I said, "I am *miserable* at my apartment. I loved living here for almost 7 years and now I'm over it! The noise level is out of control and my neighbors are so loud!". (I wanted to leave because of 'triggers' not because it really felt right).

So I headed to the local coffee shop to escape my home environment and work from there. I proceeded to hear the baristas bang cabinets, cups, containers, spoons and every other coffee making instrument so loudly, my ears were ringing. I promptly got up and left. I got the message loud and clear Universe. This is about being happy, content and grateful despite what outside circumstances may appear to be. This is also about clearing the trigger that is causing the anxiety, stress, fear or control.

This was coming up for me to clear and it was rooted back to some pretty old and serious control issues in one of my major past lives - you guessed it, Atlantis! That was about 2 weeks ago and guess what? I cleared those issues and now I hear my neighbors but it doesn't seem so loud. I even wave and say hi to a few of them now. Today, my landlord called to ask if they could do a tour of my apartment for the fire department because its "decorated so cute!" I found myself feeling grateful that they even noticed! That is the power of clearing these issues. 

The point of that mini story was to illustrate that experiences in life are merely a mirror for what we have going on internally. Once you learn to let go of these beliefs and consciously shift them, awesome things happen and they happen immediately. And this week is the perfect time to do just that!

Here's an Angel affirmation directly from Archangel Gabriel to help you clear anything that's no longer serving. Say it whenever there is something coming up that isn't from a basis of unconditional love, whether its a belief, spoken, thought, or deed. The Angels and I have set the intention that once you say this, the situation in reference will be cleared from your soul book. Try it out and leave a comment. I'd love to hear how your life is changing.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, I call upon you now. Please help me release ________________ from my life, consciousness, soul book and thought space. I no longer wish to respond in this way and ask that once its removed, it is replaced with unconditionally loving thoughts. I ask that this healing be permanent, immediate and that I’m sent clear signs of its release. I promise to be open to the signs and guidance that I receive. Thank you.
— Archangel Gabriel

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