I just "lost" a $150k Grant

Back on June 3 of this year, I took a leap of faith. I had been receiving Divine Guidance for almost a month to research grant opportunities.

Divine guidance is when you receive gut feelings, clues, hints, thoughts, opportunities, direct intervention, clues through other people, etc in your conscious awareness. Or you receive the messages through channeling, like I do with the Angels. Usually when you hear something more than 3 times, its time to take a look at it. With a little practice, confidence and faith builds enough to act on divine guidance the first time.

I ended up applying to a single grant that was the perfect fit for my project and they even encouraged submissions from newbies. This application was so divinely guided, I've never experienced something fall into place so easily. Archangel Michael actually told me which phrase to Google in order to locate the grant, then pointed to which link I should click on, then told me which specific program to apply to. It felt like a perfect match, but there was a 4-6 month waiting period so I moved on with life.

In July, I began training with the Akashic records and I video recorded all 13 of my training sessions since I usually don't remember the majority of what I see in there. When a belief, trauma or karma is truly 'clear', I typically can't recall it. Once its cleared, it's gone from all time, space, dimension and reality. Yes, it disappears from the Universe and from the soul book.

Fast forward to today, October 3, 2014. It's been exactly 4 months since I applied for that grant. This is the same day I finally felt compelled after a month of trying to sit down and create week 1 of my Vision Journey healing materials and divine assignments for my clients.

About 30 minutes into watching my first healing session video and taking lots of notes, I felt compelled to check my email. And there it was, an email from the grantors at exactly 7 p.m. My heart skipped a beat. I clicked to open the email.

Dear  Dr. Giouzelis:
I regret to inform you...

So, to my OWN surprise, I reacted exactly like this:

<hands in prayer position>
"Dear Universe, Angels, God, Akasha, I know that there is no loss in the Universe. Anything that is mine by Divine Right can never belong to anyone else. Therefore, I trust and expect this grant or money be replaced with something better that is truly mine by divine right and I ask that it reaches me under grace, in perfect ways.

Archangel Michael, I ask that you clear me of any negative lower level energies or ego based thoughts that may be present with me now, cut the cord from me to this situation and to this grant, fill me with source light and shield me with your powerful blue shield. Archangel Raphael, I ask that you buoy my faith and trust while I process this news and reassure me that I have not 'lost' anything. Please help me heal from this situation. Thank you." 

Hey, at least they referred to me as Dr. Giouzelis. ;) It has a nice ring to it!

So, am I upset? Not at all. Why would I want something that isn't divinely aligned? It would be more difficult than it needed to be by never truly aligning.Things would go wrong left and right, leaving me struggling for answers in all the wrong places - or worse - second guessing my intuition!

If anything, this has shown me the I've really come a long way. For news of this magnitude to not even trigger a fear, negative self back talk, self blame, tear, or butterflies in my stomach is MASSIVE. I truly 100% in my heart of hearts believe that this will not only be replaced with something bigger than I ever imagined, but I am EXCITED as I think about it. We live in a magnificent universe that has surprises waiting for us every step of the way and these surprises are greater than the human mind would ever permit us to believe or manifest on our own. I remain open to the possibilities and look forward to the next steps.

I will tell you one thing that came up for me though. Out of all the reactions that I could've had, my only one was this, "How did I miss this? The records showed me that this was in alignment." That is such a heavy remark because it is second guessing my guidance. When I asked it, Archangel Michael immediately answered, "You didn't miss anything. The grant is in alignment, but the energy changed. That's all." So what he's saying is that its not that the grant isn't mine, its that the grant isn't the priority right now. There are other things/projects/people that need to come through first. This is Divine Timing. Plus, look at what I gained from this:

  1. I gained patience while waiting 4 months.
  2. This triggered so many beliefs around self worth, self blame, unwillingness to forgive, control issues, past lives, diet and exercise imbalances (and a million others) that I was able to clear in order to prepare for getting this grant.
  3. I learned how to assemble an entire crew and write a freaking grant in 7 days! That's a miracle in and of itself.
  4. I learned how to explain a project that doesn't exist anywhere on the planet to Doctors and I felt confident doing it.
  5. I learned how to stand in my truth and shine my light.
  6. I'm proud of myself for trying and putting myself out there.
  7. I learned that failure doesn't exist.
  8. I learned that I am way stronger than I permitted myself to believe.
  9. I learned that I am able to stay centered, even in the eye of a 'perceived' storm.
  10. I learned to love myself no matter what. I didn't beat myself up about this, or think that I disappointed any of the crew, including myself. That was the most amazing feeling.

So did I cry when i found out? Yes! Tears of immense joy and gratitude for everything that I gained during this process. 

Writing this blog was therapeutic for me and I wanted to share this story just in case you ever feel like things aren't going 'your way'. The only way is that of the Universe. Once you let go of the need to control, your life changes in miraculous ways. And although there are some days that it feels dark and stormy, look for that silver lining and rest in the arms of your Angels.

This isn't going to stop me. I'm going to keep aligning and keep moving forward with my goals, no matter what the circumstances appear to be. I hope hearing my story encourages you to do the same. The world needs your unique gifts. 

I was fortunate to have cleared all of these beliefs in the Akashic records which made my response to this situation really painless. If you'd like to learn how to clear them for yourself, check out my Vision Journey's.

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p.s. this blog was finalized at 11:11 p.m. Thanks Angels!