My QHHT Session

During my session in November 2014 - I made the 2 hour drive to the city where I would be hypnotized. I left at 6 a.m. nervous as can be. I arrived 2 hours before my session, intentionally because I was struggling with road-rage (one of the concerns I brought with me to be healed). I ate a hearty breakfast, answered some emails, did a little reading and then it was time to meet my practitioner. I was not surprised to see that the Universe had once again led me to an amazing individual to lead me on this journey into the depths of my soul. I arrived with a whopping list of 41 questions for the session. I wasn't even sure if that much could be answered in one session, but I poured my heart out onto this paper nonetheless. That task alone was completely therapeutic. I'm sharing a portion of that list with you today, just in case you find it helpful when drafting questions for your own session. I'm also sharing the results of the healing and what I personally experienced. When you see the letters "SC", I am referring to the answer received by the Superconscious. Everything in italics is my personal response. See the FAQs for more info. Here are some of my questions:

The street outside of my QHHT Session. i love fall!

Very sensitive to noise. I get bothered by loud neighbors, doors slamming, dishes slamming, loud walking on hard wood floors, car horns, etc. They turned it down. Noise has rarely bothered me since then, if ever.

Weight Release. Need help with overeating, chocolate cravings on occasion. What’s the ideal diet / eating plan for me?
SC: "Vegan. There is a sensitivity to gluten but she doesn't like eating Vegan. There's an association with eating foods that she likes because it makes her feel good. But this association can be removed." Chocolate cravings disappeared, I haven't eaten meat or eggs since. I eat very small amounts of gluten.

Lower / all over back pain. Shoulder and neck pain (neck cracking). Removed and very clearly told that this was a past life issue. Hasn't bothered me since. No visits to the chiropractor, whom I would see regularly. I would crack my lower back every morning when I got out of bed to relieve the pain. The next morning I woke up and didn't crack it and haven't since. The pain vanished.

Vision and right eye crosses (wandering eye).
SC: "This is a challenge she imposed on herself to teach others that they can heal after surgery. Condition removed." I used to have a wandering right eye, after 2 surgeries when I was a toddler. We were told it would never straighten without surgery or contacts with a powerful prescription to hold it straight because the muscles that held the eye straight were damaged (scar tissue). 3 years ago after changes to my diet, my vision went 20/20 and my crossed eye corrected itself. I no longer need to wear contacts. I just wanted to know the cause.

Walking on the outsides of my feet. Was an issue with spine and pelvis alignment and it was corrected on the spot. I no longer walk on the outside of my feet and my knee pain from walking correctly also disappeared.

Help with energy levels. The SC informed me that I had accepted guilt for something that happened in a past life and that it was holding back everything I needed to be doing in this life. The guilt was removed and replaced with self love and self worth. I have gotten more accomplished in the 5 weeks since my session than I have all year. 

Look at all my organs and please balance any physical ailment that's unbalanced. The SC did a body scan and located many weaknesses, some of which were in left ankle, stomach/digestive, both kidneys, brain fog, scarring, teeth, thyroid and simply replied with: Conditions Healed. They also gave more feedback about diet and insight into where my diet changes and resistances stem from.

Why aren’t these things clearing when I ask for help with them from the Angels and Universe? SC: "They clear, she doesn't believe they clear. She knows how to clear them. Above most people, she knows how to clear them. She goes straight to the source and clears them. Her resistances prevent them from manifesting. For her clients as well! She is working through it but it's slow. She can do it faster. She can just decide to accept." I decided to accept and my healing and that of my clients has been instantaneous since then. In fact, i'm finding that my manifestations are also occurring much more quickly, within hours in some cases. Awesome!

Any Mother and Father Energy issues. Loving others and myself unconditionally. Allowing myself to receive. The SC went on about this for a long time but it came down to trauma that I brought in that was imprinted on the heart chakra. I chose this to help myself remember the trauma and avoid it happening again in this life. They removed the trauma but left the memories because they are needed for my path. This is especially powerful because there have been days where I have a few dollars left to my name and I literally don't react to it at all. Worry, stress, fear, all disappeared with this one clearing.

Fear of healing myself and others. Stemmed from being murdered in many lifetimes for being a healer. Reassured that it is safe to be one now and that I have Archangel Raphael intimately guiding me along the path. Reassured that I will not hurt anyone, nor will I be hurt in this lifetime. They said, "Not possible when your intentions are pure." (I love that!)

Releasing control issues. Funny story. They said most stemmed from a past life but some was from this life. Wait for it. The key to all release is, "Forgive others, forgive yourself." Ta da! They confirmed I already knew that and moved the energy out. I can't think of a single solitary thing that I've tried to control since my session.This is HUGEEEEEEEEEE.

Releasing Perfectonism. The SC said that this imbalance was located in the hands, while control was located in the entire body. They shifted the energy. I've been starting and completing projects nonstop since then. This was really holding me back from doing anything! 

Attracting judgmental people into my life / Feeling judgmental of myself and others. They validated that forgiveness stems from being at peace. If you're at peace, then nothing moves you. They gave me tips on how to trust in divine timing and helped to clear the energy surrounding this imbalance. They validated the theme of most of my lives, "Trust = betrayal". That one hit home.

Feeling stuck. Inability to move on and let things go. Replaying it over in my mind.
SC: "Trust in what is. Trust that a higher power is at work. It's a choice you make." I've noticed after I experienced healing on this particular issue, I get hung up on nothing...Things that would drive me crazy have completely dissolved themselves. If it wasn't for the recording and all of my journal entries, I would've thought that this is how I always was. Not so. 

Road Rage.
SC: "
Control control control. Trust in divine timing, she’s getting better with this actually. She’s getting to a place where knowing if she’s encountering slow downs, its for a reason and letting that go, however, the energy shifted and now to compensate she drives faster to compensate for slow downs that haven’t occurred. Divine timing is knowing that you’re leaving at the right time, getting in the car at the right time, driving at the right time. That’s the perfect timing. The energy can be shifted. There’s energy in her car as well. It absorbs the energy from a lot of other cars, including anger." Practitioner: And so she’s picking up empathically the energies around her? SC: Yes. Not sure what they did exactly, but the energy clearing completely wiped out my road rage.

These are just a few of the many questions that were addressed and healed by the subconscious during my session. The reason that I booked a session was because I felt the energy of this powerful technique from the website and youtube videos. I wanted to experience it myself and I was not disappointed! My life has transformed and i'm grateful that I get to guide others through this journey. If this feels right to you, book a free consult.