Core Wounds: What they are and why it matters

Core Wounds: What they are and why it matters

A core wound may begin in a past lifetime or if may be a past event in this lifetime. Either way, the past is the past and when a core wound is present, it means that the core center of your being is operating from a place of wounding, rather than love.

Before your Soul incarnated, it was asked to choose your parents and your major life experiences. These choices were based on karma from your previous lifetimes and the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. The reason you learn lessons is to move you closer to Enlightenment each lifetime.

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What are Soul Tribes?

Creator, also known as Universe, God, Source and various other names across many dogmas throughout the world, is a force of creative energy that is always in a state of expansion.

There was a point in time when Creator wanted consciousness to experience itself. In other words, Creator wanted to experience its own consciousness.

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Atlantean VICTIM Archetype

Atlantean VICTIM Archetype

Atlantis’ destruction happened so quickly that there was no way for family members to reunite before everything was destroyed. It left those that perished feeling abandoned by those that were there to keep them safe, like their parents, for instance. They often died with an overwhelming sense of fear, sadness and loneliness. These emotions have translated in this lifetime to anger, distance and isolation which are all based on the fear of losing everything and everyone that you love.

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Atlantean SURVIVOR Archetype

Atlantean SURVIVOR Archetype

Last week, I wrote about one of the two core wounds that you’ll resonate with if you’re from Atlantis. I wanted to expand on this topic because it’s important to share that this type of core wound is far-reaching and likely affecting multiple areas of your life. It’s not isolated, it’s part of your identity and if not addressed, it will leave you feeling like you’re running through an exit-less hamster wheel.

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It seems like 2018 tried to kill us


Okay okay I realize that’s a very dramatic view of 2018. But SERIOUSLY.

2018 was difficult for so many people I know, myself included.

I like to share an overview of what happened at the end of each year to help you understand and realize that the spiritual path is not the easiest path to walk.

Even people like me that are teaching and healing on a daily basis, go through their own triggers and ascension process and symptoms.

To embody the light and BE the light, we are often challenged more than anyone else. We choose to engage in this dance between light and shadow so we can heal our shadow and embody more light.

With that said, here is an overview of 2018 from my little part of the Universe…

I walked into January 2018 thinking that I would grow my business and live happily ever after.

In reality:

>> I was faced with the reality that my business needed to change. NOW.

>> I realized that if I didn’t change, my business would fail.

>> My mindset came into question constantly throughout the year. My deepest patterns of lack, abandonment, lack of focus and lack of belief in myself came into the forefront.

>> I constantly doubted my decisions. Starting and stopping projects throughout the year.

>> At every turn, I was faced with people and situations that made me question myself, my decisions and my actions. (They were mirroring what I was feeling inside)

>> All my judgements came up this year. Everything I hate about myself, other people and situations in my life came to the fore.

>> The longer I strived for “safety, security and stability” the more things fell apart. They came crashing down all around me.

>> My fears of living an unhappy life doing what I hate became very apparent. I was constantly reminded that I wasn’t doing what I felt drawn to do.

>> I was subconsciously and unconsciously settling for situations and people that were terrible for me. I was making choices that were not in alignment with who I am or what I want.

>> I struggled to maintain friendships. I was surrounded by “friends” that were inconsistent, flaky and non-committal. And guess what my relationships looked like?

This is because I was inconsistent, flaky and non-committal. On soooo many levels!

>> I finally fell headfirst in a depression so deep, I had no alternative but to face my darkest fears. I was surrounded by them and felt consumed by them!

Fears that I’m not enough, I wouldn’t have enough, I won’t be helped, fear of what’s on the other side, but the biggest one…

Fear of letting go.

Letting go requires surrender.

And a deep trust in God.

Which is a deep trust in myself.

And of course, I just didn’t trust myself.

I chose to look very deeply at why I didn’t trust myself. I took an honest look at what brought me to this place. I owned my choices.

I chose to stop saying “I have no choice”, “I HAD to do it”.

I stopped blaming others, people, society, my past lives, my karma.

I just stopped BLAMING all together.

I’m not perfect at this by the way! Lol. It’s a constant reminder until I create a new habit.

Things started to change for me when:

>> THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: I got to know myself really well (without judgment). I approached this with curiosity. When I reacted to something or felt judgemental, I’d ask myself “why though?”

>> I ended a very unhealthy relationship where this person constantly told me what a horrible person I was and blamed me for everything that was wrong with him.

>> I let go of the fake friendships

>> I gave myself permission to dream bigger. One of my big issues was feeling restricted by my own life. I often said “I feel like a prisoner in my own life”. This was the year I realized that I have the key to my prison.

>> I started saying no to opportunities that were not in alignment with my big vision

>> I did the WORK on my mindset, beliefs and fears. I showed up 100% and took responsibility for why I was in this place.

>> I asked for support when I needed it and showed gratitude when I received it.

>> I worked long and hard on my Atlantis past life to be free from this Archetype I incarnated into.

>> In 2018, after 38 years of life, I learned how to communicate effectively. I am now surrounded by friends and colleagues that reflect who I believe I am. They love me for who I am and are open to communicating. They commit to plans!

>> I also learned that I can’t take responsibility for other people’s problems. They are who they are, I can choose to walk away. And no, I don’t send love and light.

>> I let God know I was ok with shutting my business down if that was the right thing for me. Fortunately, I quickly discovered there are other bigger plans for me and I’ll be announcing those soon. My business is now stronger than ever.

This year, I felt like I was two different people. A true Gemini, torn in half between the light and the shadow. Seeing both the dark and the light sides of myself. 

I think the biggest thing I did was get to know my darkness. I listened, I waited, I cried, I threw in the towel, I gave up many many times. And now we’re the very best of friends. I understand everything about her and we are transforming that darkness into light together.

While God has shown me a new direction, it is more than I ever dreamed possible. I learned that I am always protected, will always have enough and it’s ok to let go.

Happy almost 2019! Thank you for being a part of my journey this year!

Did you have a great or challenging 2018? Or a little bit of both? Let me know in the comments down below!


The truth behind procrastination

One of the most requested energy clearings I receive is from business owners struggling with procrastination and lack of motivation. These two, from a spiritual perspective, go hand in hand.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't about 'controlling your mind' to get things done, though, that is part of it. It's important to be sure that your subconscious mind is working with you and not against you. But, that's a topic for another day.

When it comes to understanding what may be causing procrastination in your life, it's important to evaluate what you're procrastinating ON and WHY. For instance, the root cause of procrastination is not lack of motivation (what people typically think it is).

It's actually being out of alignment with your goals OR poor timing. Or both.

I want to teach you how you evaluate whether you're actually out of alignment with your goal or the timing is off:

Try this simple exercise to evaluate if you're out of alignment with your goals:

  1. If you are TRULY excited and lit up by your goal, you won't procrastinate on it. So, your first step is draw a vertical line down a piece of paper and create two columns.
  2. In the first column, write down what you're working on that you're excited about.
  3. In the second column, write down what you're working on that you don't feel excited about. Another way to approach this is to write down what you're procrastinating on.
  4. If the items you're procrastinating on must get gone, try to find ways to make it more fun, to bright a lightness to it.

Timing can also be a HUGE factor in the manifestation of your goals. The way that I personally approach this is with a balance between logic and intuition. You see, sometimes you'll get a great idea in a dream or meditation or just out walking your dog. And you think, GREAT... I'm going to jump on this! The problem with that is, it's like the Knight of Swords in the tarot deck. He rides off on his horse with his sword drawn not thinking about the potential pitfalls of that decision. 

Ideas are awesome and divinely led, but they must be balanced with your personal intuition and logic. Here's how I do this:

  1. I write the idea down in my journal and sleep on the idea overnight.
  2. Before I go to sleep I ask for guidance - I ask to be shown the right direction.
  3. I wake up and write down what's in my mind right when I wake up, including any dreams I had.

This is my favorite dream website. Be sure to look up the dream symbology because dreams are how your subconscious communicates with you and sometimes the symbols are hard to evaluate. 

Try these out and let me know what happens. Be sure to take action on the things that light you up and pray for guidance on timing. Using your intuition and your logic as co-pilots will never steer you wrong. Drop a comment below and let me know how these worked for you. I can't wait to hear! 

Lots of Love,

p.s. Don't forget to check out my akashic records video, it's totally free and you'll learn how the Akashic Records can help YOU move through your biggest challenges. 

Attracting clients that can't afford you? (here's why)

Remember when the lightbulb went off and you realized your ZONE OF GENIUS. You saw someone in need of help and you knew exactly what you needed to do, so you reached out and helped them without expecting anything in return. And they loved it, their eyes lit up and they were so grateful for your help. And thought to yourself, "Hey, I should teach others about this. I'm really good at this!"

THAT MOMENT... was the start of your passion, maybe even your business...

So, you did the work! You set it up and put it out to your online community, friends and family. At first, you offered free consults and clarity calls. It seemed like a great way to get new clients and some amazing reviews! You filled your schedule with free calls, showed up eagerly and full of passion. You not only delivered, but OVER-delivered. At the end of the session, you let them know all the ways they can continue the amazing work they just began with you. They asked a price and suddenly...

"I'd LOVE to work with you but I just can't afford that"

It's a crushing blow that feels personal.
REJECTION. It hurt your gut and your heart at the same time.

You begin to wonder if they realize how much value you just delivered in a single session that was totally free. Is it you and they're just saying that to be nice? Or maybe they really don't have the money and you should compromise to meet them halfway. Or the one we've all thought at one point or another, "Are my prices too high?"

Whether you're a healer, coach or marketer... you have been on the other end of this at some point in your business.

You finally take that step and put yourself out there, set up clarity calls and free consultations, get to the end of the free session with your client and they say the dreaded...

I'd love to work with you but I can't afford you.

This isn't them, it's you. Let me explain.

Without going too 'woo woo' on you for a minute, let's just break it down to beliefs. The things that you believe about what you can achieve are drawing your clients to you. So, if you have any doubts whatsoever about your belief to be able to:

  • Deliver on what you promised 
  • Make the client happy
  • Get paid on time
  • Deserve to be paid what you're asking for
    (and so on)...

You'll draw clients to you that mirror your beliefs. If you believe, "I need them to pay me on time" so that you can pay your bills on time, you'll attract a client that notoriously pays late. That's because they are mirroring your belief. Because you NEED them to pay on time so badly, you're clinging to it, which in essentially pushing it away from you.

Instead, if you have a belief like, "Money flows to me easily", you'll focus more on providing a valuable service without an attachment to needing to be paid. When there's no attachment to NEED, the peace and relaxation automatically draws money to you. You'll be existing from a place of trust, rather than lack and you'll just KNOW that everything is working out for you. This doesn't mean that you don't take action, it means that you take ALIGNED action. You'll focus on feeling good, healthy, happy and at peace with what you're offering AND how valuable it is! That type of amazing energy is what draws clients to you like a moth to a flame.

Working through lack and scarcity beliefs can take some time and effort, but I know one thing for certain... all you need is a strong intention to heal and some kick butt techniques to guide your way. 

One of my FAVORITE ways to do this is through Prayer before bed. Prayer is not religious. It's a conversation between you and your soul. Just take a minute or two to program your subconscious mind, which will work with your soul to make things happen. 

All I do is talk to my subconscious directly, something like this:

"Subconscious, what's the next step for me to take to start paying off my credit card debt? I want an answer on this by the time I wake up."

Your soul will then communicate the best course of action for you to take to your subconscious mind, which will remind you of it when you wake up. It's that easy.

And this is VERY important: EXPECT an answer by morning and LET IT GO. Keep a journal near your bed, go to sleep and write down what's on your mind when you wake up. Also, write down any dreams you have.

This process works, I promise! I do it every night and always wake up with answers.

Try it out and let me know! I want to hear what happened when you tried this out. Did you get the answer to your question by morning? Let me know in a comment.

Although Prayer is powerful and works, my favorite way to clear beliefs is in the Akashic Records. By looking at your soul level blocks and removing them, for good, you can re-set your belief system and start manifesting at rapid speeds.

My Akashic Records Intensive teaches you exactly this process and it's now open for enrollment for a very limited time. Check it out right here.


p.s. If you've been feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unable to manifest, my course is for you. Here it is:

Are you being hard on yourself?

Are you being hard on yourself?

Angels, I wanted to reach out today and let you know that it's OK if you're being hard on yourself. We all do it from time to time. It isn't about judging ourselves for our past 'mistakes', it's about learning what we can from each experience and resolving to have a different experience next time.

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