90 day Soul Vision Journey (accelerated)

This Soul Vision Journey will take place in the Akashic records. The Akashic records contain details about everything that has ever happened or will ever happen in your life. Think of it like going to the library and checking out a book to learn more. This book is your soul book, and we can not only read it and gain invaluable insights into your journey but clear that past karma to shift your life in miraculous ways NOW.

If your life isn't flowing with effortless ease, it is most likely karma that you brought with you into this life that is presenting itself to be cleared forever. This is the most powerful way to gain insights into your life path, why you're here and gain clarity on how to be successful in all areas of your life. Once you're in alignment with your highest self, you will wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Akashic Healing Intensive

My Story

In July of 2014, I spent 30 days within the akashic records. In total, I spent 13 hours balancing my own soul book. Although it was intense, I wouldn't have done it any other way. I learned an immense amount about myself, where my triggers were stored, what I was carrying that was no longer serving me and how to let it go. My integration was intense and required complete devotion to self care. But by early September, I had stepped into my own light with complete commitment to my journey with ZERO fear of what lies ahead.

I no longer recognize the person that I was in June. My life has been a whirlwind of excitement, new opportunities, ever increasing abundance and improved relationships. My ability to manifest quickly has quadrupled. Why? Because once I cleared the beliefs and karma that were holding me back, I was able to clearly recognize and welcome in a wealth of new opportunities, friendships, relationships and money!
You can read more about me here >>

Rid yourself of the following (and more) in 90 days.

  • Feeling stuck or helpless
  • Wanting to give up
  • Working a job you hate
  • Not knowing what to do, or how to move forward
  • Feeling tired or sick all the time
  • Relationship and Love struggles
  • Not making the money you deserve
  • Feeling like a hostage to your dis-ease
  • Trouble prioritizing, organizing or focusing
  • Triggered with anger, frustration or hatred
  • Can't connect with your intuition for guidance
  • Feeling isolated / can't connect with others
  • Finding it difficult to forgive and move on
  • Working so much, there's no time for fun
  • Extra weight that you can't release
  • Trouble saying NO to others and their demands on your time
  • Money problems
  • Undervaluing yourself

How it works + Course Outline

This soul vision journey is an ideal process to clear anything that may be holding you back, gain insights into your divine life purpose and take steps to clear blocks that are preventing you from living your life path authentically.

Each week we address a different topic in your personal record and dissolve the karma that is preventing the ideal situation from appearing in your life. These 1 hour sessions are nothing short of miraculous. They shift things so quickly, you need only see me once during the week to allow the integration to take place over the next 6 days.

Helpful Definitions:

Source: The source of our existence and where we all came from. You may know this as God or the Universe.
Divine life path: This is the blueprint of your life, which was set into motion before you came to the Earth. When we look at your soul book, we are reviewing your divine life path.

Week 1 - Pre-Assessment and Kinesiology Evaluation

We'll discuss the pre-assessment and set crystal clear intentions for this journey. This is a great time to dream so big that you feel uncomfortable. Really evaluate what you want different in your life. We'll also combine this with a Kinesiology (muscle testing) full body evaluation to help us locate any imbalances in your physical body. The imbalances will be addressed in the records.

Week 2 - Religious & Spiritual Triggers

We're going to look at how religious and spiritual beliefs are affecting you from this life, from the past and any collective beliefs (beliefs that most people share) that you are carrying. Anything that isn't a positive contribution to your divine life purpose will be shifted. We're also taking a look at your beliefs relating to Unconditional Love, and whether you believe you deserve it.

Week 3 - Love and Abundance

This week we dive right into abundance and look at any "walls", people and beliefs that are blocking your abundance. You know those 24 "Unlimited Abundance" clearing statements? We'll clear all of them at one time through a special process.

Week 4 - Divine Liposuction

We'll be activating the original template for your body to respond in the divine way that it was created. If you are overweight, in physical pain or have any ailments with your physical body, this process alone with provide huge shifts. The records will provide recommendations on diet, exercise and shifts that can be made to help you attain your ideal body. We'll clear any energy or karma that is preventing weight release.

Week 5 - Intuition + Ego

This week we'll take a look at how your Ego affects you in real-time. Ego isn't welcome in the records, so we have access to a pure and truthful viewpoint. We'll wire your intuition be the first responder and ego the second, in every situation. We'll review how your thoughts are affecting your current reality and gain clarity on how to adjust them to serve your divine life purpose instead of sabotaging it.

Week 6 - Manifesting

This week you'll go through the Akashic Abundance Miracles course and practice working directly with Source for your manifestations. We'll review your top 3 requests, ensure they are on your divine life path and dissolve any  karma that may prevent them from coming to you. Through this process, you'll gain a deeper understanding of divine timing and how the requests are responded to.

Week 7 - Receiving with Grace

This week we'll take a look at self worth and compassion for yourself and others to clear any karma that's affecting your ability to remain in the Universal flow of unlimited abundance by giving and receiving with grace and by balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

Week 8 - Playfulness

This week we'll take a look at any childhood traumas that are sabotaging playfulness. You will invoke your inner child and learn how prioritize at least 30 minutes of play into your day by being in alignment with activities that your soul has deemed FUN. We'll also shift collective beliefs that you carry around 'work' not being fun. :)

Week 9 - Physical Body Balancing

This week we'll pinpoint all of the physical body imbalances that we discussed during your pre-assessment, locate the root cause and dissolve the energy that is causing the imbalance. In addition, you'll receive a meditation to aid in this process to use over and over again. Expect to feel amazing after this process.

Week 10 - Love and Forgiveness

This week we'll take a look at how forgiveness is affecting your ability to give and receive unconditional love in all of your relationships. We'll begin dissolving any energy that is preventing you from manifesting your divine life partner and soul mates. These shifts will also improve your current relationships, including the one that you have with yourself. Love of self is the key to all manifestation.

Week 11 - Final clearing

This week we'll review any remaining non-abundance related triggers, imbalances or karma and work with Source to have them cleared at one time. We'll gain a deeper understanding of what's remaining and why and small things that you can do to shift this energy in the physical world.

Week 12 - Your ideal life

The final week! We'll dissolve any remaining abundance related triggers with Source's help. There are MANY paths to get to your final destination, so we'll set the path that is the most direct for your top 3 manifestations. Then we'll infuse the path with trigger free energy to ensure you welcome it into your life with love.

Weekly divine assignments will be provided each week to further your understanding of the session and help you to gain clarity. Completion of the assignments is required sometime prior to your next session.

*I reserve the right to change the course materials as I receive guidance that differs from what's listed here.

Bonus - First 5 people to register receive an additional 90 minute session with me FREE (value $337.50). This can be used for an intuitive or akashic reading.


Two bonus videos or audios released each month to help you harness the power of the healing and the akashic healing energy for your highest benefit. Bonus videos will address each of the following: Chakra meditation, gratefulness, targeting your intentions, affirmations, universal flow and integration. (value $600)

Email support in between sessions. Up to 5 additional questions can be sent per week for any reason. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours. (value: $150)

Muscle Testing like a badass e-course included to help you muscle test any situation and gain immediate answers and clarity. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this! (value: $117)

Total value of all bonuses: $1, 204.50

This 90 day program is clearing several lifetimes worth of sabotaging underlying beliefs, karma and trauma that would typically cost you years of time and thousands of dollars in therapy. By accessing the records, you can easily and effortlessly target the exact spiritual root cause of the imbalance.

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The investment in yourself is a one time fee of

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Maximum class size: 10

Once 10 people enroll, this program will be closed until 2015.

Appointments can be scheduled online when you're ready to book. It is highly recommended that you schedule the same date and time immediately upon registration. If you are unable to commit to the same schedule each week, please note that a minimum of 4 integration days is required before your next session. Sessions are conducted over Skype or another video service. Stable internet, video and audio connection is required for your session. While video is preferred, only audio connection is required. Sessions will be recorded and sent to you after your session.

Here's a blog about why the root of your problem is in your soul book.

Here's how I manifested 3K in one week by using the very same process I'll be helping you with during this 90 day program.

Want to take this course but don't think you can afford it? Start here >> with a free course on how to manifest a few miracles and join us in the facebook group.

Requirements: Akashic healing requires presence of mind and commitment to being in tune with your physical, mental and emotional needs as you integrate the healing. Students of this course should be prepared to integrate the healing for at least 72 hours after each session. Integration times vary per person and can be lessened by the consistent use of energy healing techniques.